Sean Hannity: RIP

GOP tucks tail, and RUNS!!!

by Richard Follette

A friend who has maintained a strong influence in my life, told me repeatedly around 2000, that Fox News was the ‘new’ white mans
media center. I was not sure what he meant at that time. Since the several wars, GW in office, and the purely conservative tone, leading the general republican with little else to depend on, or to e rally around.

The anchors at ‘faux news’ are almost always beautiful people, especially the women, keeping white male viewership in the double-digits. The men are well dressed, articulate, and seem to be genuinely professional in their deliveries – unlike the basket case of MSNBC, or the tattered remains of the ‘public’ television stations, fighting at the vanishing table of the public trough.

I remember when Sean Hannity first came on: clean cut, preppy looking, and seemed to be honestly excited about working in the big leagues. He had a certain crypto-religious persona, and this seemed to grow with time. Within five years, he was balatantly banging the drums for his faith, expounding the love he had for his children, and generally fostering the mainline ‘christian’, white, and working class drumbeat for Fox. As the middle-east became, once again, a cauldron of incestuous semitic violence, and the stakes were raised for not only our country, but for our ‘allies’, namely, Israel, that hot-bed of zionist scewed ‘democracy’, and inter-tribal slaughter.

Well, Sean would have none of it. His passion, and that of the over-all position of some of the other regular broadcasters who had never really let their personal positions on anything – as they were trying to be legitimate ‘reporters’ – now started to make itself known; soon, Sean started throwing around that ubiquitous leather-skinned object, so often offered in what passes as our pan et circus, in today’s empire. He bragged often about his ‘up from the street’ song and dance routine, obviously to ingratiate himself with the white-working class, of course he loved all aspects of the working class, and made pains to prove this by having an ocasional black guest.

Just before the first election of Obama, an interesting development started. The tenor and flavor of faux news started to change, and not so subtley. First, the Tea Party movement was looked at as an aberation, and a potential destabilizing aberation, when it came to the GOP – you know, the weak-knee ‘plutocrats’ who called themselves conservative – and a stalwart friend of the People, Ron Paul, was seen as beyond the pale; Hannity even started getting into more and more arguments and debates with Paul’s positoin – especially on Israel.

This is not an article about Israel, or Paul, or even the GOP, but what the likes of Hannity have done, especially with the news being out that he, in the lead, is ‘reassessing’ his position on Immigration.

Now, white nationalists know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the days of the ‘gop’ are numbered; not even the new movie, LIncoln, by that super ethno-centrist, Steven Spielberg, and his chosen associates in hollywood.

Hannity, is simply a ‘representative’, a wolf in sheeps clothing, albeit a stupid wolf who, while playing a sheep for his corporate masters has, in point of fact, become one. This would not necessarily be a bad thing, if his national influence was not it is. He is young, still willing to ‘change’, and a weak and cowardly decision to ‘go along’, is always the easiest route to take in life.

White Nationalists do not care about this Zionist shill.

What we do care about, spefically, is the future of our own people, exclusive of Zionists, and their zionist/christian cohorts who, at every turn, thwart out attempts to direct our own lives, for the benefit of ourselves and our children, and in OUR OWN COUNTRY! Hannity simply would give this country, MY country and Yours, to anycomer who ‘demands’ the ‘right’ to be accepted as an equal, with benefit of proof to this fact.

Since the white voter, if not the white race, is shrinking in a demostrable way, people like Hannity and the entire conservative milieu will look for finaning elswhere, and their pot o’gold seems to be taking on the picture of a sombrero.

Hannity has been a coward for a long time. His treason, now, is obvious.

I say, good riddence.

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One Response to Sean Hannity: RIP

  1. @campofthesaints says:

    Hannity doesn’t understand the data. If Romney had gotten 3% more of the White vote or more White people had voted, Romney would have won. Pandering to hispanics and granting amnesty is not going to make hispanics magically love republicans. Hispanics love big daddy government handouts.

    At least we can hope that the economy falls apart under Obama.

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