Voter Fraud: White Trash?

Northern Whites, Not Blacks & Hispanics

Voter Fraud?

Defeated Romney

November 7, 2012


In the wake of yesterday’s presidential vote Democrats are celebrating the demographic and social changes occurring in the United States which are making the US less White and more Left-leaning, while Republicans are wondering what went wrong. None of this is surprising. We have talked extensively about these demographic issues and how the change is being orchestrated by US immigration policy. The US media is overjoyed that a Black man was re-elected US president. That is certainly not surprising since the US media has been a strong supporter of US policies which are displacing Whites. Predictably, the media is also blaming the Mitt Romney loss on the lack of non-Whites in the Republican Party. Also, predictably, ‘respectable conservatives‘ such as Lindsey Graham and Mike Huckabee are quick to agree with the media and blast their party for not doing more to appeal to non-Whites (such as offering another round of amnesty to illegal aliens – very few of whom will become Republican voters).


To be sure, the rising non-White population in the United States was a factor in yesterday’s election. Indeed, if current US immigration policies are maintained then in the near future the Republican Party will no longer be a competitive party in most of the USA. As Dick Morris explained for Fox News:


In 2012, 13% of the vote was cast by blacks. In 04, it was 11%. This year, 10% was Latino. In ’04 it was 8%. This time, 19% was cast by voters under 30 years of age. In ’04 it was 17%. Taken together, these results swelled the ranks of Obama’s three-tiered base by five to six points, accounting fully for his victory.


However, if we look at the present and not the future, the growth of non-White populations due primarily to the US open-borders immigration policy was not what defeated Mitt Romney. Northern Whites are primarily responsible for defeating Romney. Northern White voters chose Barack Obama over Northern White candidate Mitt Romney.


Much is made of Virginia and Florida being changed and how these were conservative States that are now leaning Democratic. Yes, this is a significant story, especially for the native people of these States who have seen a deluge of outsiders move in and radically alter the politics and culture of their States. Here again, it’s not that Virginians and Floridians are increasingly going over to the Democrats. As we can see on a county by county look at these two States, the vast majority of counties are red, not blue. Apart from the heavily Black counties, one will notice that the Democratic areas of these and other Southern States are places that have been overrun by Northern transplants. White Northerners, primarily, voted for Obama in these areas just as they did in their home States in the Northeast and Great Lakes region. The large foreign population of Northern Virginia, Miami and Tampa also gave Obama a lot of support. But primarily it was Northern Whites in these areas who swung these States for Obama. The Blacks and immigrants on their own, combined with the small percentage of Southern Whites who vote Democratic, would not have been enough to give Obama these States.


The point that it was Northern Whites who are responsible for Obama’s win can be made by looking at a few Northern States. Take Maine, for example. The State is over 94% White and yet it went for Obama in a landslide. It was not immigrants or non-Whites who won Maine for Obama. Or look at New Hampshire, the only New England State where Romney was considered to have a strong chance of winning. It also is about 94% White and Obama won there. Minnesota is about 83% White and it went for Obama. Ohio is 81% White and it went for Obama. Vermont is 94% White and it went two-to-one for Obama. As Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent notes:

In New England, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan only won five counties. They lost every county in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. They only won one county in Maine, one in Connecticut, and three in New Hampshire.


…Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost every county in Massachusetts, even though their campaign was based in Boston, but won every county in West Virginia. They lost Massachusetts by 61% to Barack Obama, but won West Virginia by 62%.



Meanwhile, contrast the above-mentioned Northern mostly-White States to Southern States such as Texas, Mississippi and Georgia. Texas is only 45% White (though the White voting percentage is higher since many of the non-Whites are either illegal immigrants or too young to vote yet) and yet the State went overwhelmingly for Romney. The only areas that Obama won in the Lone Star State are the inner-city areas of the large cities and Mexican-populated areas on the southern border. Mississippi is just 58% White and yet it too went overwhelmingly for Romney with Obama basically winning only the Black-majority counties. And Georgia is just 56% White but it went for Romney. Looking at the results and comparing them to the racial demographics in each State, it is safe to say that Southern Whites were united in opposition to Obama.


We know that nearly all Blacks and two-thirds of Hispanics are going to vote Democratic. This has not changed in recent history. We also know that most Northern Whites are going to vote Democratic while the vast majority of Southern Whites are going to vote Republican. And we know that significant numbers of Northern White transplants who settle in the South are going to vote Democratic. We knew all of this before yesterday’s election and the results from it only confirm what was known. Therefore, US elections are just a numbers game based on the racial groups living in the various States.

When US immigration policy has successfully created a non-White voting majority in a State we can be sure that the State in question will become a Democratic stronghold. Currently, the US Federal Government is naturalising about one million foreigners each year. The vast majority of these people will become Democratic voters. This will ultimately destroy the Republican Party’s competitive chances in US-wide elections. California, for example, was once a Republican-leaning State with a population in 1970 that was about 80% White. Today, California is about 42% White and is a solidly Democratic State that a GOP candidate has no chance of winning in a presidential race. Republicans such as Lindsey Graham and Mike Huckabee who support more Third World immigration are supporting the destruction of their party.

As destructive to the GOP as Third World immigration is, the number of immigrants and non-Whites are at present insufficient to defeat Republican candidates in US presidential elections. Thankfully for the Democrats, they can count on the support of Northern Whites to give them victories in many nearly all-White Northern States. Although non-White populations are rapidly growing in New England and the Upper North and in time will displace the Northern White populations in these States in much the same manner as has been done in California, at present it is White Northerners who are giving the Democrats electoral victories. Without the strong support of Northern Whites in States such as Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Minnesota and Ohio Barack Obama would not have won yesterday’s election.

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