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The White Magic
of Obama
[From The Archhives/2008]

Over the past several weeks, the coverage of the Presidential race has literally saturated the airwaves and visual punditry of this nation, and the World.

As a White Nationalist of long duration, having seen the political gamut of Kennedy to G.W. Bush, and having paid more than simple attention to the machinations of those who ‘claim’ to rule our country, I have been somewhat in a state of denial regarding the overwhelming response of our own People for the liberal Senator, Barack Obama, a man of African descent, who was graced with a Public Seat of government, representing a particular constituency within this american political monstrosity.

As White Nationalists, we all know the various aspects of Race. As Nationalists, we have considered the political landscape, and have decided that we have no representation, no real, credible support mechanisms which will lobby and fight for what we know is right for us, for our future, and for our children; we have certain personalities, characters, and leaders (small L) which, here and there, speak for us to whomsoever will listen. As White Nationalists, we can reasonably assume that we know each other, male and female.

Whether male or female, White Nationalists fight for what moves us: Race, Nation, Territory, and Freedom. Simple, basic, and wrapped neatly in what each of us feel deeply about of what and who we are; being american, relatively speaking, is secondary, as we are men and women of the West first, and foremost. There would be NO America without US.

The Presidential Race is another matter, entire. With the same old slogans of ‘change’, the healing of ‘racial and political’ divides, the constant verbiage from all comers regarding ‘our future’ and just what each candidate is going to do about it, is just so much intellectual masturbation, and keeps the average american in patient, albeit droll, lethargy. However, in this years contest, one thing has stood out, blatantly, which bodes well for us, White Nationalist, any way you slice it: Race.

Barrack Obama, as a Black man, albeit of a hybrid nature, educated in the finest Western temples of education, (his wife as well is a product of the ‘vestiges’ of western education) comes across as a well-spoken, measured, and passionate individual who elucidates his ‘charismatic’ charm as well as any that I have seen in a modern context. Looked at objectively, this a reality.

A reality, also, is the manifestation of ‘white affinity’, which many of our folk have showed, and are growing in numbers, in a demonstrable way. Our ‘women’, especially, are flocking to his banner; one simply has to look at the numbers, and observe the televised accounts. Just look at one of his speeches, in the background one may observe dozens, indeed hundreds, of white females who, in almost orgiastic frenzy, shout his praise, and work tirelessly for his election to the highest seat in the nation. White males, as well, have turned to this ‘man of change’ in greater and greater numbers. This is the present reality; it is the quandary of us all.


Why would our own people, deracinated as they are, be so overtaken by this black man? Is it his charm, his positions, his religious predilections, or his political acumen? Of what specific magic does he share that the others do not have? Moreover, just what source within our own folk, has he tapped?

If one ascertains the various aspects of Obama’s rhetoric, and lay them out for us to observe, and coupled with his delivery, one would come to the conclusion that he is more of a [white] ‘nationalist’ than many give him credit; ironic as this may seem, whoever is handling him, knows full well the pressure-cooker of Western disillusionment which has been building these past fifty-five years. He speaks*, as all white men should, about the War, FISA, american jobs, imperial hubris, and domestic rights and sovereignty. Not in the Paulian sense, or that of Buchanan, but he does voice similar chords of refrain. Do I advocate this man’s rise to the leadership of our Western people’s? Certainly not! Nevertheless, it behoves us, as white nationalists, to be cognizant of what is motivating our own people to swarm to his message: That the lack of our own voices, our own leaders, our own identity is to blame.

When our men and women reveal themselves inclined to follow a light complected African, in lieu of the ‘usual suspects’, it is obvious that our own people are ready for leadership, which is grafted from their own ribs; who see and feel the same way that they see and feel. This is axiomatic. But what do we do, as individuals, or as a group? In this democracy of our modern age, the pan et circes of our americana is the myriad hoops we are willing to go through to Vote in the ‘process’. What a sham! Or should I say, Shame! We are all prisoners, in one way or another, and voting will not make it any less. A prisoner, or ex-prisoner will tell you this; for this ‘type’ of individual is not really free – he is like Solzenitzen – a Man without a Country! Such are we.

So, with this said, there is no single White Nationalist who should participate in this farce of our so-called elections. I will not vote; and any who do are simply propping up a system, which has nothing to offer any of us. Economic programs, which, as the merchants of our nation remind us, bring a certain equilibrium to the masses, but this is just smoke and mirrors. The larger programs of jobs and their creations is but more smoke and mirrors; there is not one real nationalist/racial program by which to strengthen our nation, which is to strengthen our People, entire, by those presently in power. They have betrayed us, and I will not support traitors who daily kiss their wives goodbye, and then proceed to steal the birthrights from their fellows.

Boycott is a term which arouses distrust and bile in my own sensibilities, but to not vote, en masse, is a typical approach when one wishes to makes some form of statement – whether this statement is heard or not, is another matter altogether. Impotent rage? Perhaps. However, the simple actions of this nature have a telling effect over the long haul, if we can maintain this position, and garner public awareness and tacit sympathy, so much the better. Short of doing what men do about this type of dangerous and despicable treason, I can think of nothing else.

As stated above, this presidential race is, and will be, about race like has not been seen in this country in my lifetime. We, as White Nationalists, have to start really thinking in terms of just who our leaders are, naming them, even if limited to forums or e-media specifically; hammer the point home on what few radio shows we have, and put them out on you-tube type formats, but get this position out to our folk. Then do it again! Race has come to the forefront; let us not allow this momentum to pass us by.

For my money, Obama would be no better nor worse than any other, and better, by far, than McCain, his military history not withstanding. But my presence will be felt by its absence, and by a continued application of measured persuasion amongst my own peers regarding this, and other issues which have much more bearing on their lives than any ‘president’ could make in four years time.

Let us practice our own White Magic, in our own way, for our own People, come what may.

© 2008

* His booklet, ‘A Blue Print for Change’.…tForChange.pdf
This booklet, however one views it, is not a Nationalist document; the catch-phrases of ‘middle-class’ and working americans are the same tripe as the others espouse. In certain areas, however, Obama makes inroads into the Anglo/Jewish stranglehold of Capital, finance, and labour, which all nationalists support for our own reasons and interests. Unions have always been a problem to those who distrusted the individual worker willing to work for their daily bread, and make a profit to boot. These are the small business owners, which we, as White Nationalists, support for our own existence. All in all, many of these proposed platforms could work, if utilized in a purely racial context; the ‘across the board’ rhetoric is hollow, and will, of course, fail, given the wide berth of disparate needs and wants of the strangers among us.

White Nationalists have promoted our own desires and needs inherent to our own makeup. As we all know, they are ridiculed and discarded as those of simple rantings from the disenfranchised, and politically impotent. When we carve a moment in history in which we can make these issues heard by our own People, they will react in the same fashion as they have fallen for the magic of a different elixir than has been fed them by individuals who see them not as part of a similar organism, but as their own masters see them and us: as Cattle. This stranglehold will end; let us continue to prepare for the day when we are called, we will be prepared to answer.

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