From Russia: With Love

Got to Love the Russians

From Russia With Love

Taking a break from American domestic politics (always a good idea), I look around the world for hope and inspiration – surely some foreign place has to look better than the metro Chicago congressional delegation. Merry Old England looks really bad, Greece – the center of our classical Hellenic civilization is in full meltdown, but our folks seem to be rallying rather well in full melt down mode. PC, Multi Cult Muslim nonsense seems to be plaguing Western Europe – and there are few if any strong, MEN OF THE WEST (Return of the King meme) in the West of Europe.

But, one country stands out as something good – something very close to great:

Got to love Russia.

In recent Russian news – some degenerate Russian Leftists called “Pussy Riot” (link) tried to invade a beloved Russian Orthodox Church and protest the rule of Vladimir Putin. Despite the intervention of internationalist degenerate “artists” like pop star Madonna, Bono and Hilary Clinton, the Russians prosecuted the “Pussy Riot” protesters and sentenced them to a tough work camp in…..


Everything has been looking up in Mother Russia since Vladimir Putin took charge from the Jew Oligarchs, the drunk Boris Yeltsin gave economic control of Soviet State enterprises in the 90s. Russian nationalist strong man Vladimir Putin went so far as to put Yukos Oil Jew Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky in a public cage/jail – sort of put the word out that Jew oligarchs weren’t going to be running things in Russia and the remaining Jew Oligarchs jumped ship to England to buy up British Premier League soccer clubs.

I note that mobs of Arab Muslims aren’t invading any Russian embassies in the Middle East. Somalian pirates have learned the hard way that being captured by Russian naval forces is a lot worse than being captured by Dutch or American forces… the Somalian pirates seem to disappear somewhere out in the sea… well actually under the sea :-)

A big part of my “awakening” (link to David Duke’s book on this theme) was the Soviet/Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the late 1970s. My idiot “American Conservative” relatives were all up in arms that the “Evil Empire” Russians was violating “International Law” to invade, occupy and oppress supposedly proud, anti Communists, Afghan Muslim tribesmen. These are the same nasty, Taliban/Afghan Muslim tribesmen the US/NATO has been fighting for the last 10 years. It’s a “White Thing” and way too many American conservatives just can’t get a handle on basic divides between “us” (Russians) and “them” (Muslim mountain tribal scum).

So let’s be honest, wouldn’t most of us love to see Vladimir Putin heading up a Russian tank division to watch over some Al Sharpton led Trayvon Martin protest? Would any of us lose any sleep over THE RUSSIANS canceling some MTV/BET Rap Music awards show after protests from traditional Russian Orthodox Church leaders?

Yeah, got to love our kinsmen the Russians

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