Sculpture Of The Day

Sculpture of The Day

In den Armen des Todes

In The Arms of Death

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3 Responses to Sculpture Of The Day

  1. northernsea says:

    I have a real beef with you. You keep putting up these fabulous images and do not give any information on them, such as who made it and what does it represent? Is it an ideal or a real person? I really like them and I want to know more.

    • Priestley says:

      I have to second that. The images are stunning but unfortunately there is no information of the artist or the name of the piece. Please provide this information from now on.

  2. Thank you, both, for your comments, and thoughts of appreciation.

    We try, and I make serious attempts to supply all the information I am able; sometimes we pick up images from disparate places, and information is not always available. When this happens, we do try and Search for the image in other venues, but in this case, I was unable to verify more than this.

    Will endeavor to do better in the future – thanks, again, for your support in this area.

    Richard Follette


    I was sure that I posted the name yesterday; if you view it again, you will see the Name – here is a link I found, but no background:

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