The Science Of Vitality For A New West: Eugenics

The Affirmation of Race:

Eugenics In A New West

by Frank L. DeSilva

There will be no positive affirmation of the ‘science of race’ until, and when we, as a viable political programme within our folk-community, have gained social and political acceptance; in the interim, and for the likely education of the newer members of our struggle, mention of some of the foremost minds in the area of psychology, genetics, eugenics, and physical anthropology will be listed below; many of those listed* will have lived and died before this telling, but this should only confirm to both the old and new, that this information has been with us for generations, spoiled only by the measured and overwhelming attacks and often personal destruction of persons who, striving for the betterment of science and truth, have been marked for this destruction so as to keep the general populace from the full benefit of their tireless pursuit of empirical science and the benefit with which it would yield to their own blood.

In relation to the erudite and generational-long study of this subject, it is hoped that, for some at least, this study of some of the greatest thinkers of our people will stimulate yet another resurgence, yet another level of scientific debate, added still to the most recent of such endeavors by such individuals as might be listed throughout this work; this additional mention, of necessity, will not be exhaustive, as there is only so much information at hand, and should not discount those hundreds, if not thousands of individuals who have, as yet, to be heard from – those who have yet to make their mark.

There will be many times that the White Nationalist will have to engage in many numerous private and public debates on the subjects listed above, just to still those vocal ideas which abound in today’s political atmosphere; do not be distressed that the ‘tea party’, once proud and unanimous in their spontaneous affirmations of ‘economic stability’ and ‘governmental sobriety’, as these are simply issues of the decadence which has had such profound influences on every aspect of our cultural life. Money, or fiscal reassessment, has very little to do with what we are facing as a people and nation, as it is the folk-community, the race-culture, which determines the value and morality necessary to facilitate a proper, healthy, and vibrant economy. This latter is based solely on the construct of identity, and the health and moral fiber of any particular people. The modern manifestations of political liberalism, or even of libertarianism, is useless in the long-term if the value of race, in this case, of the ‘white race’ is not paramount.

An observation that I and many others have made over the past several years, is that the ‘silent majority’ is slowly coming out of the closet – as one can readily see by the average age, in most quarters, of ‘tea party’ membership; I, for one, am very glad to see this, and acknowledge, as well, the up-and-coming younger generation, especially in the north east quadrant of the nation. Even so, it is remarkable how little these individuals actually leave in terms of ‘policy’ assessment as to their own ‘party’, and the ‘historical legacy’ which they supposedly stand for, yet flaccidly allow new ‘leaders’ to present to the world the same tired and old ‘two party’ attack, which cares nothing for the real value of their political reaction.

While all this change is taking place in our national life—it need hardly be argued – that the best of these people, the descendants of the men who had formed the leadership class in those early revolutionary days, who had shaped the ship of state in their minds already, even before the academic debates and actions had built and launched it, men of vision, judgment and responsibility, must have felt the cold hand of destiny as they witnessed all the recklessness to which the nation was being committed, year in and year out, and thought of the decay, the breakdown, the overthrow, the dictatorship, and the general catastrophe to which such a succession and accumulation of stupidity must inevitably lead. With their knowledge of history and the record of their own kind, and their very commonsense, must have made them aware that the whole conception of human equality was simply lip service, an unintelligent lie. Moreover, they certainly were aware that all political experience has driven home the lesson that no society can afford to be extravagant or careless in handing out freedom and rights to its citizens. No man should have freedom who cannot be depended upon to balance it with a sense of responsibility, or have rights until he has learned to measure up to the obligations that they impose. Any potential ‘party’ or State that ignores this lesson not only invites disaster, but ensures it.

Therefore, the rhetorical and, sometimes actual empowerment which burgeoning spontaneous political alacrity brings, can only be gauged by the definitive positions it takes when, in toto, it represents itself to the nation-at-large. Race, to these types, unfortunately, brings the fear of penned sheep when, in the early morning light, catches the scent of the wolf.

In the end, however, today’s modern political parties move quite explicitly to the Left who, in the main, since the middle ‘fifties, have preached not race, but the religion of equality; looking at any of these so-called ‘parties’ one could, at first blush, see no difference at all, since the underlying philosophy and inherent social dogma, remain exactly the same. Indeed, all men who know anything at all, and who will stop to think, know that any society which is, by nature complex, which by any standard ours is, and therefore exists as a complex manifestation, exists as the very denial of equality (and here we speak specifically of those of Western stock). Moreover, it is just as true that free men are never equal, and that equal men (as under Marxist communism) are not and cannot be free, but even more important, where men are assumed to be equal and seriously treated as if they were equal, any such thing as a society begins to break down. In every society there has to be some measure of organization to ensure not only that the functions necessary to its existence get performed but, on the whole, get performed by those best qualified to perform them. In addition, the process required to find those who are qualified, it soon becomes abundantly clear, on every level, that but a very few men are able to be leaders or builders, and the rest fall naturally into the category of more common men and women, which is not to infer any ‘lesser’ quality of those individuals, but to point out that division does exist, even amongst out own. Until there is a political party, which adheres, firstly, to these tenets, there cannot be, will not be, a renewal of our national spirit or economic vitality.



* [See Foundations, Chapter II]

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