Foreign Affairs Magazine: On Israel and The Bomb

Foreign Affairs Magazine: On Israel and The Bomb

There are so many varied and agenda-driven sources of information (ROTW is one as well) for persons to draw from, it is a constant struggle, and oftimes consistent pain-in-the-ass, to focus on what issues will best serves one interest, let alone the interests of ‘many individuals’, or one’s folk-community like we do here, at Rise of The West.

With that said, the Foreign Affairs magazine has some varied and superlative writers; although like many ‘traditional’ zines, this publication is extremely philo-semitic, and we are not endorsing this pro-semitic policy formulator, only offering these two examples of journalistic moderation.

If readers here have any questions concerning ‘policy issues’ with this magazine – they do have a comment section and Contact.

The Staff

Why Iran Should Get the Bomb

Nuclear Balancing Would Mean Stability



Why Israel Should Trade Its Nukes

Stop Iran’s Centrifuges by Accepting a Nuclear-Free Middle East
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