The Enigma Of Hitler: Gen. Leon Degrelle

This is a Superb Reading of an Essay by General Leon Degrelle, a Warrior and Poet.

Fascinating material, even for those that oppose what they think they know.


Leon Degrelle on the Life of Adolf Hitler

In this program, August introduces and reads an essay entitled, The Enigma of Hitler, by Leon Degrelle, which was published in The Journal for Historical Review in 1994. August begins by providing some basic details of the life of Degrelle himself, including his history as a Belgian nationalist, anticommunist, and future volunteer for the Waffen-SS. Decorated by and personally acquainted with Adolf Hitler, Degrelle argues that “the enigma of Hitler” has persisted in part because in spite of all of the volumes of historical writing and discussion on Hitler, few have discovered the real Hitler. The enigma of Hitler remains with us because of the extraordinary depth of Hitler himself, a fact taken in conjunction with a variety of myths about him. August concludes by reiterating a point he has already made on previous shows: That coming to positive terms with Adolf Hitler is a necessary precondition for any salvaging and rescuing of our race.

Image: Leon Degrelle being congratulated and decorated by Adolf Hitler.

Break music: “Memories of Sunlight” and “Memory” from The Road soundtrack.

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