The Beginnings of Ethnic Revolution: Identity

The Beginnings of Ethnic Revolution

The great epilogues of all great attempts are followed closely by confusion, fear, uncertainty, and hope in a better tomorrow. This experience is not limited to persons of the West, and may be charted with certainty by historians and demographers alike. The majority of this continuing discussion will center on America, her Western people; not its historicity of mechanism, this is only the superficial ‘history’ of its past. What we are to discuss is the Future. The future of a people tossed in a tempest of changing mores, political agendas and wayward spiritual values; a course charted by ‘circumstance’ and the loss of memory ~ the loss of

~ Identity ~

All creatures, including ourselves, have  a unique sense of who they are: they will fight for their unique sense of themselves, their own territory, and their own right to mate, and to reproduce themselves – this is immemorial in its tendencies.

All organic creatures know what they are. They instinctively know what to do: What is healthy or harmful; what is pleasant or unpleasant. Human [organic] creatures are no different. In the modern’s world however, we have been cut off, the ancient memories blotted out because of bad food, propaganda, and the lack of will with which to follow our instincts.Y The governments of the modern West are afraid to allow these instincts to remain in the forefront; for it demands a certain position, which presupposes a genetic link with the past, with tradition. All species feel this inborn quality rising, and seeking release in the youth of every generation. But these instincts run ‘counter’ to the Modern’s alliance between divergent racial stocks with which he has made compromise.

In ages past, following one’s ancient history was called, simply, Folkways, and bespoke the simple harmony of conduct, traditions, mores and customs of a people. A sound and healthy people accepts this as a natural part of their race-culture. They accept it because it has endured. They accept it is as something that expresses themselves, above all others, as a unique and satisfying experience, which must, at all costs, be extended.

In a biological nation, one which presupposes close racial affinity, it is self-evident that anthropological inequality is the norm; so, in this same sense, is societal value, that is, in the physical sense. That all men [i.e. of the same race] should be equal or alike in every sense is contrary to all the facts of nature and conditions of human life. Of necessity, we must have a balance between categories and subdivisions of equality; in any event, this is what we have. Thus does nature speak, and man is part of nature. Yet, man is not totally subject to nature. But he is subject. This has been Western man’s struggle throughout the ages.

Man, outside of nature, is in ‘control’ – he is the only animal to do this. “Only through laws and perceptions of equality can [he] we provide each other with a common structure of government; a structure that will always lift the one up, never bringing the other down.[1] The paradox however, is that man is never truly apart from nature. Even his laws, his mechanism of control over the elements, must be consonant with ‘nature’s’ law. If his laws are contrary to nature, in the end, he will fall short of his goals. His actualization running contrary to his elements.

The ‘system’, which promotes these laws and perceptions, is that government or state which has de jure right to lead. This government or state will ‘lead’ the people, in essence, if both share the same traditions and mores, but can never truly ‘rule’ them, except through force. Without both parties sharing these same perceptions and laws, these same laws will, of necessity, become self-serving to whichever class has gained power – and that inevitably becomes the State: It is the duty and responsibility of the people, in relation to their State [i.e. chosen form of government], to maintain that which is healthy for them, their specific race-culture. This is simply a matter of survival. If they do not attempt this, then, their survival is dependent upon factors unrelated to their survival, and they will die, slowly, to be sure, but they will die.

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Y It is apparent that it is specifically those laws and forms of punishment in today’s modern world, which are nullifying those natural and noble instincts, which makes it possible for every race-culture to survive. If those in power are concerned with money, at the expense of intellect, as some would assert, then it is genocide, at the very least, to prohibit those of like kind from associating together; giving and taking in marriage, living in ‘groups’ together, as communities, and voting in [racial] blocs, would more than likely be the case if a group were to ‘think’ as a group. If it is money which dictates the future of all races, and if we are only economic ‘units’ then, as organism, as a living breathing creature, we are certainly dying, if not dead already. Certainly, we are not free to achieve those dictates of our own consciousness. Once again, free-will belongs to a free people. FLS

[1] One Nation – 1987, NPAP Press.

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