Our Folk-Community: Svenskarnasparti

Our Comrades in Sweden have been getting better, and more professional every year.
Many of these individuals are known to us in the Svenskarnasparti, and continue to serve their Swedish Brothers and Sisters, as well as the larger Folk-community.
We will have Authors from this part of our Community in a short time.
Publicerad: 2012-10-08

Party Leader Daniel Höglund was hilarious hours for the fall start of the conference, Saturday, 6 October, in Stockholm. He, who is also the Democratic Party, had great hopes for the day and to a direct question about what the primary purpose of the conference is, said Daniel Höglund:

“I want to be able to communicate and demonstrate that it is OK now. After the Fall Conference in 2011, I realized that many of our members were not aware of our success because they are not made ​​visible. Today I want to do just that, bring the fruits of our joint work. ”

The next question, given the conference in 2011 which was only open to members with special responsibility positions, was therefore about why this time decided to invite all members?

“It is important for us that leads the party’s work to take part of the members’ insights and knowledge. Meanwhile, we also invite members to become more involved in party work because I think that we build the party together. It is not a question of party executive rule the roost. We must show that we have high ceilings and respect for individual opinions and the right to express them in the context of party rules. “

But it was not just the party executive was full of expectations for today’s conference, but the mood was generally applicable to the participants. Worse, it was not to be at a conference hall in the highest class, tastefully decorated with party and Swedish flags. You could also clear that members had made ​​an effort to dress up, out of respect for today’s event.Compere was Daniel Hispanic, who at heart representing the party in Nykvarns City Council, and his first point of the day was to unleash the party chairman Daniel Höglund, who gave the opening speech.

Democratic Party News

Hoglund said that it moves the party and in 2012 was the party’s best year to date in all areas of business. He spoke of the major recruitment happened and how this was handled and argued about the party’s need to distinguish itself as the only alternative to the Sweden Democrats. Previously, individual members of the SD, which are tired of top-down and shift force from nationalism to call himself a conservative value and declare open Swedishness, have turned to SvP – but now also representatives at higher levels from them.
Party Chairman also reported on how working to strengthen the party’s brand has been prolific both in Sweden and in the European context. The reasons for the party moved forward positions explained Daniel Höglund with some of the strengths party carries with it: hard-working and self-sacrificing activists erect nationalism as a political idea, high ceilings in the debates and discussions, and that the focus is always on our own politics and our own activities.Furthermore, he explained how the party has come to break the “post-it-mafia ‘grip. This “mafia” consists of all the detractors who seek paste their own definitions of the lot in order to create divisions between ourselves and prospective members and voters. By never be compromised and worked long term, we have come to a point where we are essentially able to define ourselves.

Hoglund went on to explain that the party, despite the “post-it-Mafia” attempts to project their own agenda at the party, in fact account for increased civil rights and freedoms, for greater popular participation rights and economic justice. Furthermore, he noted that we now build the party on the grounds that the nation under our government will rest on. Want to know how SvP’s Sweden will turn out, you can see on the lot!

Among the short-term goals Party Chairman presented there thoughts on 2014 election where the party is aiming at 10 communal seats, 10 000 parliamentary votes, which means a good political springboard. Thus declares Daniel Höglund that the party will continue its dedicated work with an outlook to both the near and long term. Hoglund appeared to be both competent and humble with a good reasoning that instilled confidence among members.Second speaker was the party’s International Secretary, Dan Eriksson, who spoke about the party’s interest in true multiculturalism in that it seeks exchange with nationalist organizations around the world – in their countries and without either imposing on their, or import their, peculiarities. The party’s International Secretary exudes a genuine concern that few can escape. He told me about the party’s international work, which aims at the exchange of experience and the creation of a united nationalist front. In addition to our close friends in Denmark and Norway, we come to the Poland, Italy and Germany, we got to know fellow students from different parts of Europe, where especially the Golden Dawn, Greece hopes, is an interesting touch. Dan Eriksson also showed that the party’s own international conference, Vision Europe, has become known more widely, which bodes well for 2013.

Our deputy party leader, Stefan Jacobsson, is an intense and honest representatives which felt when he spoke of the party’s media, publishing, and online store. Many were probably became a little surprised when the scale and professionalism on these above became known. Especially when images from the online stock Arminius was shown, which was larger than previously thought. Jacobson also told the newspaper Forward, which during the next is expected to come out with twelve numbers, and its evolution from an internal bulletin to an internal magazine and now is a high quality product. As for Logic publishers showed Jacobsson a number of titles that were going on in pleasing moment, and that in 2013 was designed to provide at least nine new titles. Logic publishers, he promised, will continue to publish qualitative nationalist literature with the aim of forming people and create debate.

Next man was party secretary Jonas Andersson, who with passion and power got under way the audience when he spoke about activism and the fact that the party until the weekend of the conference conducted 900 activities. Andersson argued about the body of the party, grassroots tireless work and what this hard work led to, in terms of recruitment and normalization. He also observed that those who can not participate in the work, however, can be a financial activist and noted that “no one can do everything but everyone can do something.”The person then got the members to understand the major appliance Party is, and that all this has been achieved through voluntary work, was treasurer Anders Ärleskog. He showed the party’s expenditure and income sources, and explained the importance of non-profit work. What today was the big task was to maximize the efficiency of the resources were and stimulate economic aid as money in the account means the opportunity for advancement. Fly in the ointment was that they have not achieved the target with a fixed number of monthly donors who commit to a particular donation, which is crucial to be able to have a planned budget. But the talks during the breaks probably will not this be a problem. Ärleskog also told that parity now set up an election fund with the goal of collecting 500,000 kronor to the election 2014th

Question and Answer

A number of party members had requested speaking time and their speech touched white distinguish areas: Jörgen Kromman spoke warmly of the need to seek out people eye to eye, and create real connections and unity on new basis while Mikael Skillt discussed the need for a spokesman and a group that could represent the party on various issues and deliver fast positions. Mats Brodin reasoning about our need to renew the party and thereby revitalize politics while Sebastian Karlsson talking about municipal associations. It was very much appreciated by both audiences as party leadership that our members engaged by these terms.Besides the searched speaking time had a number of motions submitted to the party leadership for them to consider. These were read out and the board’s decision and reasons then ensued. After each exercise, there was opportunity for further questions and discussion. Several motions needed to lead additional evidence to consider why it was called. The crowd got involved and it became a live conversation with several new approaches to many subjects. This feature of the Congress was greatly appreciated.
An extended question and answer session followed where members could “set line up against the wall” and many took part in this. The questions were initiated and development and in retrospect, you would think that more time should have been married to this.

Six Issues

Dan Eriksson returned when the day was approaching its end, and spoke about the importance of member influence, transparency and the open call. But besides this, he laid out three specific issues which the party should focus on when it came to municipalities, and three at the national level.Local

No more agreements with the Migration Board.

Promote locally produced when the municipality procures food.
A housing policy that does not exclude large groups of Swedes.National

Immediate halt to immigration and a stub repatriation of overseas migrants.
Withdrawal from the EU.
The nationalization of banks in their profits (over 70 billion) will be the people benefit.
Before the day had ended nine party members receive special awards for their work during the past year. Their names were accompanied by hearty applause. Finally summed party chairman Daniel Höglund most important parts and urged all to put in an even higher gear. Because even if things are going well now, so it might be even better.In summary, it was the perfect autumn conference. Despite the busy schedule, there was time for interaction between members during the breaks and the buzz was tangible even cakes, coffee and sandwiches. Members had traveled from across the country to participate and the atmosphere was always on top. Louis Delin was very pleased and happy already halfway through the conference and Anna Jonsson told me that she got completely new insights on the lot during the day and you almost got teary-eyed when it realized the extent of what the members together created. It was nothing but smiling faces and an honest warmth between members. Right then and there, it felt like we were almost at the finish. This day will revitalize the party and give us all the inspiration needed to engage the next gear in 2013, the last year between roll – before getting up to the evidence for real. And if it has switched from breeze to Kultje, so we hope for storm when the polls opened.
Foton från Höstkonferensen

Daniel Spansk var utsedd konferencier under konferensen.

Partiordförande Daniel Höglund redogjorde för partiets framgångar under året.

Dan Eriksson, internationell sekreterare, summerade för partiets utländska kontakter och relationer.

Stefan Jacobsson, deputy party leader spoke about the party’s efforts in media, publishing and sales.

Jonas Andersson, partisekreterare talade om aktivismen i partiet.

Party treasurer, Anders Ärleskog outlined the party’s finances and took the opportunity to hand out “economic activist” pin to multiple members.

Jörgen Kromann höll ett uppskattat tal.

Mikael Skillt hade ansökt om talartid och tog upp förslag om en grupp som arbetar med pressfrågor.

Mats Brodin var uppe i talarstolen för första gången.

Sebastian Karlsson talade om kommunföreningsarbetet.

Democratic Party went through the motions submitted.

Two members of the party held in a popular lottery where the first prize was a glass bowl from Orrefors.

Sebastian Karlsson, was one of nine party members who were thanked with a Diploma of party chairman Daniel Höglund, for their efforts during the year.

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