Our Coming Instauration

What Will Work:

Dawning of Our Instauration


Farnham O’Reilly

Dawning of Our Instauration
The Occidental Observer continues as a high caliber clearinghouse for White identity, interests, and culture. I marvel at — and take comfort in — the truly great minds we have out there. While perhaps we are not progressing as fast as we would like, we are making much, much better progress than we are led to believe by the hostile media — not surprising, for while optimism is contagious, so is pessimism, and our enemies know this and exploit it to the hilt.

One area I personally would like to see greater progress in is the restoration of the sanctity of the Aryan family unit. And, speaking of Aryans, another I’d like to see is more intelligently focused opposition to social taboos, especially the usage of such expressions as ‘Aryan’ and ‘National Socialism’. It is a fact that, no matter how socially repugnant something is, the more it is brought to the forefront, the quicker will be its acceptance. This path is predictable and goes from angry opposition to ridicule to acceptance. Even the homosexual lobby trod this path, and if they can convince people perversion is gay instead, we can surely convince others over time that we are deserving of our own rightful name and a form of government that is a proven formula for success.

It is worthwhile remembering that our enemies will use these taboos as effective weapons against us — even if we avoid them! We cannot appease those who hate us — there is no erasing ancient hatreds. The more we use — wisely and in intriguing context — shibboleths and those controversial expressions that bring out the ire of our enemies, the more the edge on these cherished swords of theirs will dull. And this will go a long way to neutralizing — on a shoestring budget relatively speaking — the taboos the Enemy has invested billions in developing. For when he can dictate to us what we can and cannot say, we are rendered powerless. Oh, for the resurgence of that spirit imbued with the innocence of children, for those who have the pure heart of the little boy who shouted, Daddy, the Emperor has no clothes!

Yet another area I’d like to see us make more progress in is working together. Mickey Meadows, a frequent comment contributor on TOO, said it beautifully not too long ago (as quoted in part from one of the very last comments to What Will Work No. 15):

Any coherent movement has to have a head…a binding decision-making process. This is huge in the Jewish world. They thrash out shared policy—what is good to say, what is not good to say. Everyone has a say and they vote…and then everyone sticks with it. The question of whether and how things like National Socialist envisioning get used should be dealt with in this way. This is because it can so easily be used against the whole movement. Likewise a code of conduct should be agreed at the top level, and with that should come some sort of auditing…. Look at the Jewish solution to this. They got all their internal organization policies settled before they went after us. And in large part that is how they have succeeded.

Another area that should become second nature to us — to the point it is rendered unconsciously — is to accord our leaders status, prestige, and recognition. This must be done in word, thought, and deed. The Aryan peoples, more than any other folk, have always loved heroes, and as our Movement gathers momentum we are gaining more and more courageous and articulate leaders. Yes, we’ve had our bad apples, especially in the earlier years, but now we see coming forth many men and women — old and young and middle aged — who we can truly be proud of and who should always be spoken of with pride, respect, and yes — when earned — reverence.

But, most of all what I’d like to see is the blueprint of our vision. By vision I mean that worldview that sustains us when we are financially down and out, when we incur political or genetic losses, when we are depressed, and — when we die — a vision we may pass onto our sons and daughters. A vision so beautiful it shields us from despair, for its very pursuit — rather than ultimate victory — is our reward.

It took me many years to prioritize pursuit over victory, to realize the importance of the process, rather than the goal. I learned my final lesson through one of our German Shepherds. He was my wife’s personal pet, and was named after our folk. He was the archetype of his breed; well over one hundred pounds, wide forehead, magnificent ears, wide shoulders and narrow hips. He had the teeth of a grizzly and the heart of a lion. Our friends were his friends — cautiously. Our enemies were his enemies — fervently. A proud dog, he was loyal, modest, not given to wasted noise or motion.

He grew up, increasing in magnificence and wisdom with each passing day. Then he died. All his physical magnificence was buried in a grave in our garden where also reposed the remains of his predecessor kinfolk.

As we buried him, I wondered, what is the use of good breeding if we will simply die? Then spoke into me a loving Voice, not my own yet vaguely familiar, as if it were a relative I had somehow forgotten about: Our duty to Our Cause is to the process, not the final goal.

There is no point we ultimately reach where we say: Thus far and no farther! There can be no time when we declare: Our work is done, and our Cause has been fulfilled. Life must continue to go on. Not just reach some goal or end, and then stop.

Our enemies also dwell in the process far more than on the final goal. But, unlike us they are obliged to, for history has shown that their goal is dysfunctional (e.g., the Marxist Soviet Union). And, as their vision is degenerative rather than regenerative, their very process is an easy sell as it offers entertainment while requiring no personal responsibility. Yes, for all the pitfalls and contradictions to Natural Law embodied in liberalism, secular humanism, and organized religious systems, these worldviews continue to sustain their adherents. Actually, theirs is but one worldview — Seek for what is best for atomized, individualist Urban Man, and to hell with the rest!

That’s the spirit of it, anyway. The official wording varies but usually includes such mendacities as Individual Liberty. Yet Man can have happiness only when liberty is based on group values, on a group level — as in an elk herd, a bee hive, or any healthy nature-based human society. Individual liberties are mutually exclusive. For example, liberty for a mother to abort denies the baby’s liberty to life. Social liberty for homosexuals denies a child the liberty to grow up in a heterosexual society, and it denies parents the right to preserve their child’s innocence. Common values cannot coexist — in the long run — with individual liberty. The former sustains a common Folk, while the latter only nourishes the individualistic, atomized Urban Man.

The one fatal flaw of the U.S. Constitution, indeed of Social Democracy throughout the Western World, is that the rights of the individual supplant the rights of the people. The concept of individual liberty is an oxymoronic social construct; the concept of group liberty through shared values is natural.

Then there is Urban Man’s mantra Pursuit of Happiness, by which he has become a useless, copulating, defecating, polluting, dysgenic curse that trammels Nature in his mindless quest for carnal comfort and delight. And what of the abominable vanity (termed ‘unalienable’) of Human Rights whereby he exempts himself from earning those rights — yet accords this exemption to no other form of life? The same may be said for his precious Human Dignity; once again, he grants himself dignity while being the sole undignified occupant of this planet.

Urban Man is shamefully without shame — he has no moral right to call himself progressive or conservative — he is a Nature Hater, seeking only utopias that bestow on Nature neither progress nor conservation. Unlike the values of Natural Man who is neither Right nor Left but Upwards, the values of Urban Man are anti-Nature; indeed, they are anti-God.

Whence in times past came these hedonistic, exploitive, rapine doctrines of Urban Man? From his own beginning — for he was commanded (so he said) by his god to Be fruitful and multiply so as to fill the Earth and subdue it, and rule over the swimming creatures of the sea, and over the birds of the skies, and over every animal that moves upon the Earth (Genesis 1:28; adapted from the Ferrar Fenton translation, which is perhaps the best translation for the original).

For Urban Man to be reborn into Natural Man he must approach Nature humbly as have his four-legged brethren — his ‘self-evident’ equality must needs be destroyed and replaced with earned truths, and his ‘unalienable’ rights must be scorned in favor of earned purchases, for there is neither moral nor scientific basis to support his claim to equality, unalienable rights, or individual liberty.

All things are subject to change and evolution, and human war is no different. In times past it was by way of clubs and stones, then spears and arrows. These in turn gave way to firearms, then bombs, then more exotic weapons as technological advances permitted. But there was a crest — perhaps occurring in the First World War — where sheer human suffering and bloodshed saw its zenith. More and more we now see wars being won in the mind rather than by strength of arms. How many bullets caused the fall of the Berlin Wall? How much violence accompanies the war our folk now find themselves in, a ‘soft genocide’ as some have put it? Listen! The juggernaut our people face never started out as explicitly anti-White — that’s not how bloodless coups are won. And so our vision shall not be pro-White, yet shall trigger that algorithm necessary to secure victory for a regenerated, Nature-based Aryan people.

What shall Natural Man’s vision be? I believe our writers down through the years have touched on it to greater or lesser degrees — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Muir, John Audubon, Rudyard Kipling, and Thornton W. Burgess to name a few. Most recently I believe it was hinted at in a comment by Alex Kurtagic in his essay entitled The Role of Party Politics in the Culture War in which he stated:

For us the good is difference (or Quality), not equality. Everything must flow from that. If a dissident political party’s mission is to translate the counter-cultural idea into policy, our political parties must formulate policy on the premise that difference, including human difference, is morally good, productive, and desirable, and equality, including human equality, is morally evil, destructive, and repugnant.

I have ruminated over our destiny for some years, and in doing so I came to the realization that it must not be what we want, not what is best solely for us, but rather what is best for Nature. For truth is an absolute regardless of any iconoclasm it might bestow — Lady Truth must always be embraced, even though she may prove to be a homely maiden once her veil is lifted.

I have come to a conclusion I know will cause many to suggest I’m a half bubble off plumb (not that I would object — it is not really a bad thing as one has to be, um, inspired at times to stay in this line of work). My conclusion is not based on belief; belief does not take effort. Rather, it is based on work — long spans of thinking, of making mistakes (some pretty bad ones) but learning from them, and the school of hard knocks.

I have concluded there is a Divine Mandate specifically bestowed on the Aryan race from the beginning of time to restore Man’s rightful place in Nature. That is to say, Aryans are the chosen instrument of a Higher Power to forge the union desired by this Power between the Kingdom of Animals and the Kingdom of Man — to restore the sacred link between Man and Nature. And, should the Aryan fail to heed this call, he will ultimately self-destruct. This process of self-destruction is already begun, and we should not begrudge God for the choice of tools by which this is accomplished, but rather why we deserve it.

Yes, I realize there are a number of very good scientific and sociological explanations for our current plight that are much more credible, but when transposed over the timeline of Aryan history, these don’t make much sense, either.

As to what or who is God or Gods, I do not fully know. Maybe I don’t know at all. But, I have found answers that, for me, are the only spiritual keys by which some very strange things submit to plausible explanation. Although departing from a fundamental doctrine of the traditional Middle Eastern religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam, in my heart of hearts I sense Something that leans more towards the feminine than the masculine, and again I depart from the Semitic religions as I have concluded this Higher Power(s) manifests Herself neither in books nor in miracles, but through the holy order of Nature. Because of this, I refer to this Higher Power as Mother Nature. I also see an All-Father being who is gloried in consort with Mother Nature and Who, either in part or parcel, periodically incarnates as an Avatar, if nothing else to nudge the compass needle of human destiny.

David Lane’s first 14 words — uttered at a time of calamity — are necessary, but they are also reactionary. I think if his later revelations were to be distilled, they would have taken a revolutionary form of words: To restore human beings that they may rightfully live in total harmony with Nature.

There is something far greater at risk than the fate of the Fairest Ones. The Urban Man, his collaborators, and the teeming colored hordes with the fury of their produce/consume hedonism threaten Nature Herself. Yes, She shall always prevail, but in a world with or without us? We Aryans sinned against Nature by assigning moral value to the blasphemy of human equality and entitlement, thereby giving cause to an unnatural exponential multiplication of useless human beings onto this planet.

The same people who view with detachment the alternating population oscillations of rabbits and raptors as a perfectly normal, healthy balance of Nature are blind to the fact that the same holds true for human beings — that it is morally reprehensible to give food to starving Third World populations, thereby encouraging greater population growth and concomitant increased starvation. For failure cannot be empowered; there is good reason Third World nations face continual disaster, and greater disaster can only be avoided by letting Nature take Her course.

It is a question of values. Is human life of greater worth than that of his fellow mammals? Considering value may be defined as that threefold characteristic embodying beauty, usefulness and scarcity, is Man perchance exempt from this definition; i.e. — do human beings possess innate value regardless of how ugly they are becoming as a result of dysgenics and the anatomical disharmonies resulting from miscegenation, how increasingly useless (if not downright harmful) they are, or how their swelling numbers incur increasing agony on the rest of this planet’s living creatures great and small? Honestly — is a gibbering human imbecile of greater worth than a horse?

Since only Aryans see value in birth control and practice the same (voluntarily and not as per government edict or religious decree) is it any wonder so many of us (in our heart of hearts) view AIDS, famine or drought as Nature’s weapons of choice for self-defense against burgeoning, limited resource consuming Third World populations?

We speak not of the aged or infirm. But we do speak of the drones; i.e. — those glibly termed ‘needy’ or ‘less fortunate’ by the haters of Nature, and who demand that abdication of personal responsibility be rewarded with humanistic compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

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  1. John Claiborne says:

    Please restore Farnham O’Reilly’s “What Will Work,” all Parts, for reading on the internet.

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