Our Way Foward

Tradition or Anarchism:

White Nationalism or Reduction?

by Frank L. DeSilva

We have many voices, each trying to present a world view in which we might understand, control, and redirect the paths in which we are being led; this path, or direction of life is, in most present cases, not of our choosing. Moreover, the separate paths in which we, as groups or individuals, makes us weak, disparate, and less likely to achieve a real-life solution to our present peril.

White Nationalism offers solutions (but not all) in which we as a folk-community are most likely to succeed; add to these positions, in varying amounts, is good and healthy, but we must never lose sight of a more refined, focused, and deliberate assessment of what path is truly the correct course. White Nationalism is based on tradition, as well as a more readily understood construct of authority – this leaves little room for the experiments of the past – such is anarchism, or reduction of those tried and true mechanisms of government and policy. This, however, a balancing act, as aspects of our struggle can, and will, be merged in an ever-growing evolution into a burgeoning political state.

Great upheavals have taken place in our country.One may even say we have witnessed a Revolution in our nation over the past 50 years. Some have said: ” … to recast the inner mold of a people’s life its spirit must be played-out; but, this can never be accomplished until the purpose and original intention of its creators has been redesigned. The last step in this process should be the recognition of the broad mass of people that their original purpose and intent was wrong. This wiil make the broad base of the people more malleable to the conditions of change: then they themselves will demand it … ” This will not happen if the white nationalist has any say in the matter.

The White Nationalist stands and asks this question: Are we, as a unique race-culture, those who claim the legacy of those who carved out a nation from vast prairies, valleys, and coastal regions, who braved the diverse elements and inclemental environs of this continent played out? Has our past been nothing but a wrong turn, a lie? Were all the preceding achievements, AYE!, Conquests!! all for naught? The white nationalist says a categorical no, and again NO!! We, unlike the many and diverse groups and individuals around  the world, look towards a future, a new and exciting future, filled with wonder and expectations, to achieve our Destiny. Remember! We all share in both the successes and failures of our Nation. The responsibility rests within each of us – the individual – who makes up the folk-community.

Our people have, for far too long, been falsely taught to think in international terms that, even in such distress as we find ourselves today, one tends to treat this problem, as well, from an international point of view. Nevertheless, the real solution rests within; this is precisely where it originates. Measures to correct these distresses however, can find some international relevancy in these conditions – but never let your eyes wander from the Source – within.

The White Nationalist sees all this misdirection and economic instability as a crisis between capital, economics, and the people of this nation. If this crisis can not be solved, then, all other attempts to master our economic distresses will fail utterly. In this vein, let us say that the patriarchal relationships between employer and employee is increasingly being destroyed, as we see battles between labour unions and institutional settings – a false-flag attempt by big business to ‘re-negotiate’ the bottom fiduciary line, as their bottom line is, and will always be, the payoff for their shareholders – but this leaves the average working man or woman two or three times removed from negotiating their own bottom line wage index.

At this point, we can observe the obvious alienation between those working with their hands and those working with their heads; for in the last resort, the former is the single decisive factor. Special interests, one between employer and one between employee has, sadly, created a dysfunctional situation, which has paralyzed our economy, and made us weak with dissension. The white nationalist sees labour as a unassailable value of production; large institutional employers must, at the outset, be prepared to negotiate reasonable issues on a case by case basis – what is happening today, with constriction of investment funds and private capital drying up based, in large part, on governmental dependency on foreign production, is cannibalizing the nations resources without benefit of a logical and comprehensive works-projects which, by definition, increases the personal wealth of each member of the folk-community, and will then work its way up to the top – what good management does, after this point, is self-evident, and revenues realized by the corporate heads (i.e. Institution) should not be criticized in any general sense.

All of the above is predicated upon one base element: Land Ownership.

The White Nationalist sees the de-personalization of property (i.e. land ownership) as having the greatest impact on both the ‘state of mind’ as well as the sovereign status assigned to the de facto citizenship based on the majority ethno-political interests of our fellows, and has caused untold calamities within our Nation. Moreover, those that control massive amounts of property are content, they exclaim: “Private property must exist!” And so it should. Yet, those that would receive the most benefit from such ownership, represent the absolute minimal percentage of the Nation. The white nationalist supports private property for alI our people, not just those few wealthy entities (i.e. corporations) that now reek of the greed of untold personal wealth and control. We all share this common ground, and should protect each in kind; the mutual sacrifices and rights to produce for our families and our Nation is a right of all our members of the folk-community.·

Between the two biggest partners in business economics, that is, big business and the private citizen must, in principle, stand a political party, to be an objective and impartial participant – both to protect the rights and developments of each business and its particular potentialities (i.e. family, retail, corporate, etc.) related to the advance of each. The present leadership justifies its present existence, as seen in its own myopic world-view, that it has become the mouthpiece of all the major economic resources of the Nation, along with all the many sub-divisions of same. It is logical that the leaders of today favor these economic interests, since most are creatures of this source; but is this fair and right? Can the head function without the full support of the bands? No State/Nation can be built up in opposition to the working-man. The white nationalist sees all this as a relationship between and with the working class, and it must be built with its full support and help. Never must the common man and woman feel as an outlaw, beyond the pale of consistent and reasonable interaction between themselves and institutions; rather, both must feel and, indeed, see each other as equal potentialities. Moreover, both will be seen as sharing equally the assumptions of duty, even those who now rule over us.

It is now only a question of organization, and how best to bring into play, these Labour resources in our people. There is, however, one single important issue that will assure these results: there must be a single will, and a singular will must lead. If mistakes are made, and there will be mistakes, this responsibility must be recognized and truly believed by those in power. Moreover, if mistakes are made today by those in power, what of it? Do they, like we, recognize their responsibility to make good on those mistakes? You can see for yourself. In any event, what are they doing about their mistakes now? Of the necessary and important decisions that must be made now, who is willing to make them? Nothing is being done that is serving, in direct and specific intentions, the interests of the white folk-community; indeed, of any of the people, of any race. They make no real decisions! They hide behind the mass body of government, afraid to face us.

[copyright 2012]

For the foreseeable future, this work sees the envelopment of those race-cultures presently residing with us, either through long years of physical contact, or through those disastrous immigration policies who, nevertheless, exist as a reality which must be accepted as a matter of fundamental policy, until that time which a White Nationalist governmental body may address at issue, and formulate a workable and acceptable policy of disassociation and independence. Truly, the disparate races amongst us suffer as we do, by the false and agenda-driven policies of individuals who have become disconnected from common sense and true ethno-nationalist imperatives.

This strategy is consonant with a majority of ethno-nationalists the world over, of various racial make-ups who, in the main, have a uniquely and over-broad sense of love for their own fellows, and look at this modern ‘liberalism’ and its acolytes as being of the most hypocritical and deceitful individuals who work for no interests other than their own. Moreover, in this respect, the individual and group relationships made in contact with White Nationalists have been very good; the commonality of ‘group interests’ has been building for at least two generations and the fruit of these plantings will benefit all involved – it is worthy of note, however, that these areas of interest have, nevertheless, seemed to have passed into the background over the past several years – and when these aspiring or so-called ‘old guard’ non-white groups are seen, it is seen as spontaneous ‘hate whitey’ public reaction (such as in Texas a few years ago), and lacks all semblance of a coordinated, politically astute reaction to race-politics. It would be beneficial to all involved in ethno-nationalist circles to reassess and reaffirm those early commitments of the past, and endeavor to carve out a place for each sovereign entity, if a viable future for all is to be realized. FLS

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