What Is An Ethno-State?

The Ethno-State*

The Ethnic State, as comprised in this work, will be specific to those members of that far-flung family of man known as Western. Specifically, and regardless that this process is practiced and patterned after aeons of experimentation, warfare, disease, and long-lasting or short-lived attempts at structuring some device or mechanism by which this or that people would remain fixed to a territory, live and die, extend those values most necessary to the sustenance of that progeny created by their original progenitors, to those of Western Stock who inhabit this Northern Continent – what we call America.

Yes, the America of today, even of our time-period now, today, exists only and specifically, as an ethnic State – the concept, and its familial, albeit sparsely acknowledged, racial origins, being relegated to obtuse distractions and attacks by politicians, clergy, and academia, nevertheless, cannot eradicate the simple truism that we are what we are, because of what went before. Traditions, economics, philosophy, Art, science, all these, or at least the remnants, remain fixed in the values and perceptions we all share according to our specific ‘world view’ as relates to what we see as America. The Modern, as always, seeks another path, for his value is not that of the West; his ‘will to power’ of another source. And so it is, as we delve into the affairs of state, of ethnicity, of imperatives and personal/tribal will to power we also, of necessity, delve into the spiritual and mind altering perceptions of ‘self’, and the manifestations of self multiplied a hundred-million fold. This, the idea of Nation.

The idea of Nation is a construct both felt and understood; the articulation of these manifest thoughts and ideas are held closely by relatively few persons who have seen ‘beyond’ the rest, beyond the mundane and superficial to the heights unencumbered by small and petty needs or wants. The mass, not as race-culture, but as mob, is incapable of this type of studious contemplation; if they were, the crass mediocrity we see today would not have become the festering sore, that cancerous disease which has taken the dreams of our Fathers and Mothers of yesteryear and spit on their very reason and existence. No, the mass ever seeks the lower path, the easier road – the road paved with good intentions – to Hell. The ethnic-state, that imperative of territory, spirit, and consolidation as a unique and beautiful entity, must be formed and presented in a more understandable and definitive way for the ‘majority’ of Western stock to participate and understand its evolution and future undertakings.

On this same principle, seeing that all our philosophies and moralities have been traditionally directed at a mass and at a mob, we find that their elevation must, of necessity, be decided by the broadest account of our people, the common man or woman. In today’s world, mediocrity has brought about a baseness in individuals, a smaller and meaner perception of Life in general. Hence, all passions are banned, because base men do not know how to enlist the common man into their service; even if this service were to a higher calling. Men who are masters of themselves and of others, men who understand the management and privilege of passion, become the most despised of creatures in such systems of thought, because they are confounded and confused with the vicious and licentious common cause of the mob; the speed of mankind’s awareness and spiritual elevation then, gets to be determined by humanity’s slowest vessels. The Modern is such a ‘ship of state’.

This analysis of the world’s collective values and, more importantly, to the new value of the rising West, their ascription to a certain “will to power” may now seem to many, both skilled and unskilled, erudite or common, as but an exhaustive attempt at a new system of nomenclature, and little else. In fact, it is very much more than this. By means of this nomenclature, this new perception of values and its necessary and incumbent will to power, is designed to show mankind, and specifically those of Western stock,  how much has lain, and how much still lies, in man’s  sense of  power. In short, that he has Power, in and of himself, without asking for permission. By laying one’s pronouncement  on everything and declaring to Western man that it was human will that created it, so also, do we wish to give man the courage of this will, and a clean conscience in exercising it. For it was precisely this very will to power which has been most hated and most maligned by the Modern and those who serve him.

The Ethnic State then, is a specific value, a perception, which marks each culture and race with its distinct mark; it is a natural outcome of specie and specie survival.


* Ethno-State – a term brought to bear by Wilmot Robertson, and utilized to denote a specific racial characterization, delineated by territory, political apparatus, military and commercial endeavors. This is a broad view, as Nationalism will, most assuredly, play a part, but will be used to introduce a ‘thought process’ which, sadly, has been slowly eroded from the mental process of many Americans of Western stock. Those that have not forgotten this ‘mental process’ are becoming fewer and fewer as the generations pass away. The once ancient tribal conceptions of Kin, blood, and soil discarded in favor of failed attempts of some One World vision. FLS

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