Attack The System: Keith Preston

Attack the System with Keith Preston

Counter Currents seems to be making a permanent move into Radio and, so far, it is looking good.

Thanks, Keith, for a great dress-rehearsal in , neo-conservatism.

Loved the Tia Foster interview, and felt empowered by this individual – precisely because she wanted to ‘change the world’ – and found myself nodding off during your presentation; not because you were not making sense, but your message in this program was ‘typical’ conservative rhetoric.

Skepticism is healthy in small doses, but we need to hear more about how we are going to either take over, or imitate groups like ‘occupy’, ‘ron paul’, ‘tea party’, or simply express the desire and inclination to develop more White Nationalist Parties.

The latest installment with Keith Preston, delivers mostly usual fare, but towards the end, begins to pick up a little steam. The Staff, here at Rise of The West, have a few comments, and observations:

We realize that your southern ‘style’ is a little more direct, and deliberate, but pick it up a little – and continue to bring on more vocal embellishment and passion to the show.
The last half of your show was more like it; you started to really get to the meat and potatoes of what we need to address. However, we did not hear you mention White Nationalism one time, and ist is precisely this vehicle which allows for the complete disassociation of the old way of dealing with our present, and absorbs and embellishes both the left and the right – but in a more comprehensive and pro-active setting.

Thanks for your great efforts, and we are all looking forward to more.

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