Express Thyself: New Age Of Body-Art

Body Art: The New Retro

A Unique Western Form

It is interesting to note that few elements of ‘individualism’ seems to be instructive and positive in the setting of our extended folk-community; this concept and actual reality, is buttressed by many clubs, political strategies, and other group-dynamics. Moreover, Art, in all its forms and manifestations, says something about the person who creates the manifestation/form,

Body-Art seems to be of the same stuff; add to this, as well, is the variants of ‘sub-culture’ and cult in the positive sense.

In this presentation, as ‘retro-art’ is in line with the ‘reinsertion of tradition…’ as the tenets of white nationalism assumes, it is in line with the concept of ‘living in the present’, as well as embracing the ‘present’ that we present this life-style. Moreover, the stylization of individual images or manifestations says much about the extended race-culture, as one can readily see the similarity in symbolism and character.

The fact that our females are taking the lead in adding a quality of sexuality and Eros is, happily, here to stay.

The more extreme versions of individualism is bound to be criticized by some, but the essence of ‘self-actualization’ should be seen in the quantitative, not necessarily the qualitative expression of individual art-form; the necessary expression of our unique sense of spirit, even of Faustian expression, should not be confused with irrationality nor hedonism.

True Art-form is, surely, in the eye of the beholder, yet a rising West is predicated upon a sense of community, of self-expression, and positive individual uniqueness. If one is to fully embrace the essence of self, as well as acknowledge the variants of a folk-community, what better way than through the art of the Body?

The male elements, as seen through modern ‘tribalism’ and ethno-centric symbolism and art-forms is, like the female, of telling importance, as the manifestations of faustian virility has become commonplace; this is essential for a future which needs the primal elements of vigor and vitality – something which has, in the past, been minimized by effeminate sooth-sayers, and behavioralists who, in the main, are cosmopolitan in nature, and have been separated from their primal centers.

We encourage all our men and women to create, utilize, and develop these manifestations and symbolism to expand our ability to represent a unique and powerful sense of our identity, while allowing for both normative and extreme personalities.

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