On The Role Of Patriarchy

Matt Parrot has a consistent and eloquent presentation to all his articles of faith, as well as his introductions to causual and racial imperatives; he appears to be the ‘layman’s’ Robert Ardrey.

In his latest piece, Patriarchy & Apprenticeship, he addresses several aspects of our struggle for an ethno-state, our rate of fecundity (i.e. birthrate), relations between men and women, and that of the relation of men to our society. The latter can be a sticking point with many, but this should not detain us, if at all, since the points made by Mr. Parrott are sound, and worthy of contemplation.

His delineation and mention of the article which appeard in Foreign Policy, The Return of the Patriarchy, was to the point, and should remind White Nationalists of the position that they not only face, but that in which they are presently in; the fact is, events are, indeed, propelling us very rapidly into the future, and those who are simply here to raise the banner of ‘WP’ have already missed the boat. The coming Age will bring ‘great politics’, and only those who are prepared, willing, and able, will be able to truly help their people – this means that in everything one does, one must, of necessity, think in ‘terms’ of a political and strategic player, both in private and public life.

Remember: Your influence counts…use it.

Patriarchy & Apprenticeship

Ivan Bogdanov, The Apprentice, 1893

Ivan Bogdanov, The Apprentice, 1893

1,232 words

Mei Xiang’s week-old Giant Panda cub died earlier this week, delivering another disappointing setback to our attempts to breed these endangered creatures in captivity. We can’t seem to compel pandas to consistently reproduce, despite applying some of our finest minds with veritable blank checks to the project.

More pointedly, we can’t seem to find a policy solution to humanity’s declining birth rate. The natalist campaigns in many European countries have not been successful enough, and even Stoddard’s “rising tide of color” appears to be ebbing.

Many of the familiar canards about human population growth aren’t supported by the data. Race is apparently a secondary factor at best. For example, Black American birth rates have leveled off. While the incoming Hispanics have a high birth rate, that birth rate plummets after the first generation. As Hans Rosling’s popular TED talk demonstrates, even religious confession has apparently very little to do with birth rates. The only strong correlations Rosling can find with lowering birth rates are lowering mortality rates and increasing income levels.

Had Rosling taken a more granular look at the data, he would have identified smaller trends which suggest that income and mortality are themselves secondary. An excellent must-read article in Foreign Policy, “The Return of the Patriarchy,” suggests what I believe to be the cardinal consideration: the iron necessity of male social dominance. Regardless of race, IQ, or religious affiliation, a socio-economic paradigm in which females no longer depend on males for defense and support is one in which women . . . like sullen pandas, simply lose interest in mating . . . or at least in the useful reproductive sort of mating.

[Full Article here: Patriarchy ]

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