Poetics Of The Day

Poetics of The Day

Thus Spake Zarathustra

by Friedrich Nietzsche



Zarathustra, however, looked at the people and wondered.  Then he spake thus:


Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman–a rope over an abyss.


A dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and halting.


What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal:  what is lovable in man is that he is an OVER-GOING and a DOWN-GOING.


I love those that know not how to live except as down-goers, for they are the over-goers.


I love the great despisers, because they are the great adorers, and arrows of longing for the other shore.


I love those who do not first seek a reason beyond the stars for going down and being sacrifices, but sacrifice themselves to the earth, that the earth of the Superman may hereafter arrive.


I love him who liveth in order to know, and seeketh to know in order that the Superman may hereafter live.  Thus seeketh he his own down-going.


I love him who laboureth and inventeth, that he may build the house for the Superman, and prepare for him earth, animal, and plant:  for thus seeketh he his own down-going.


I love him who loveth his virtue:  for virtue is the will to down-going, and an arrow of longing.


I love him who reserveth no share of spirit for himself, but wanteth to be wholly the spirit of his virtue:  thus walketh he as spirit over the bridge.


I love him who maketh his virtue his inclination and destiny:  thus, for the sake of his virtue, he is willing to live on, or live no more.


I love him who desireth not too many virtues.  One virtue is more of a virtue than two, because it is more of a knot for one’s destiny to cling to.


I love him whose soul is lavish, who wanteth no thanks and doth not give back:  for he always bestoweth, and desireth not to keep for himself.


I love him who is ashamed when the dice fall in his favour, and who thenasketh:  “Am I a dishonest player?”–for he is willing to succumb.


I love him who scattereth golden words in advance of his deeds, and always doeth more than he promiseth:  for he seeketh his own down-going.


I love him who justifieth the future ones, and redeemeth the past ones:  for he is willing to succumb through the present ones.


I love him who chasteneth his God, because he loveth his God:  for he must succumb through the wrath of his God.


I love him whose soul is deep even in the wounding, and may succumb through a small matter:  thus goeth he willingly over the bridge.


I love him whose soul is so overfull that he forgetteth himself, and all things are in him:  thus all things become his down-going.


I love him who is of a free spirit and a free heart:  thus is his head only the bowels of his heart; his heart, however, causeth his down-going.


I love all who are like heavy drops falling one by one out of the dark cloud that lowereth over man:  they herald the coming of the lightning, and
succumb as heralds.


Lo, I am a herald of the lightning, and a heavy drop out of thecloud:  the lightning, however, is the SUPERMAN.–


Full Text: Zarathustra

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