The Law Of Consequence: Race

The Law of Consequence

The origins of Life are consistent with the passage and evolution of its forms of Politics and Nation building; the first and foremost responsibility of each early individual was to his immediate family and, by extension, those nearest to him, this was his Folk-family, his Race. Any Nation, which was thereby considered and established by him, belonged to him in the only way possible:


By right of Birth.


It is said that we all are products of the Past. Everything we are, or can be, has been gifted to us by those who have gone before.

This is the first cause of all Nationalists. More precisely, this is the belief and knowledge of all Racial Nationalists who are called to stem the tide of suicide, murder, and retardation of their people who, as is known by all Nationalists, are their nation, entire, each belonging, by right of birth, that ever present gift, to that Once, and Future West.

I am a White Nationalist.

I was bourne, as we all are, into that great fraternity, that great Family of persons, known by various names and descriptions collectively, as Western Man, sent by forces unseen; a collective roll of the dice which marks every man and woman of this stock with a special responsibility to each one of its lesser or greater parts. No matter whom I was to come into contact with, whether black, yellow, brown all, each in turn, could not mistake me for anything else. My mark, that which housed me, is my uniform, my temple, and my honour. It is the recognition of my blood, my spirit, and my soul. It is the acceptance of Race, as part of the natural law of the universe; it is the gift given to me by the gods, by God.

As an individual, I am responsible to myself. As a member of a racial composite, I am subsumed and enveloped by the greater family of which I belong: The Race. So, also, is the family of man divided. This is natural law. This is reality.

To the inhabitants of the earth, collectively, these laws are not unique to one or the other race-cultures; the only difference is that of form. Not in function. All of us, each in turn owe that first cause, that first parent, the recognition due them, and the duty to our future progeny to survive in like fashion. This is duty.

Our political state, as such, is simply an extension of our smallest unit: the Family. Robert J. Mathews summed this up, thusly: “We are born to die, and continue the flow…”[1] This, and only this, is the continuum of our present reality; it is the reality of all the generations which have come before us; and it will be the reality of all future generations. Moreover, what will that future really be like? In addition, to whom, specifically, will this future be the first cause of a greater tomorrow? What will make them such? In addition, to what will they owe their allegiance and their duty? What form of government will our children, and their children’s children, live with, and recognize as being a part of their ‘flow’?

We are speaking, here, about race, its construct, its duty, its obligations, and its role in the future of Western Culture; it is not, simply, about America, Canada, western, eastern and northern Europe, South Africa, Australia, parts of Russia, New Zealand, and beyond; it is about all of them. Moreover, as most thinking people realize, these far-flung colonies are part of the larger, organic, body of persons we consider as our own kinsmen, our blood. The archaic considerations of what the Modern calls, a ‘past era’ is, nevertheless, alive and well in the hearts and minds of millions of our fellows, and calls our attention, especially in these present days, to just what our role, as individuals, and as collective entities, really means in the ‘modern’ age of our evolution. Do we consign our every day lives into the bin of apathy and indoctrination, that passive ‘patriotism’ of the Modern which, if left to its own devices, like all ‘faiths’, will amount to nothing without ‘works’? The passivity and downright ignorant cowardice of the modern western citizen is, without a doubt, the most troubling aspect of the future.

Race, that element which we are all a part of. Race, that presence which defines us, molds us, and continues after we are gone. Race, that which separates us; marks us as unique, one to the other. Race, the element of blood and soil, that which binds us to persons and places, the value we place on spirit, on religious experience, government, and our ‘will-to-express’ that which we are, or wish to be. All this, bourne by a single seed, germinated and harvested; thus are we born.

The crucible, whatever the cause or condition – prison or war, hunger or riches – only brings out what resides, already, in the body politic. We are, who we are, long before we awake from that warm, comfortable and hospitable place which bore us, nurtured us, and protected us. Brought into this world, the rules are already set, the parameters already given us by nature’s guiding hand; we do the best that we can, holding on to those things which seem right, those things which have harboured and sheltered many generations of life before us; this is the history of our past, a thousand generations of trial and error. This is, in its most primal and vital form, the culture in which each race, specific to its origin, is destined to live and die; to succeed or fail, a member of the greater tribe, in which he is but a single part.

This is the natural, organic, state of Nature, which does not smile or frown upon us, each in turn but, rather, embraces whatever we bring as an offering to her. We strive, and in the striving, we realize, as often as not, that we are insignificant when alone; but as we look around, and realize as well, that each of us, you and I, belong to each other creating, as it were, a larger body of works, of strength and unity. We are connected. What affects one can, and does, affect the other, even if the ripples cannot always be seen in the here and now; throughout the ages, what is said and done now (or in the past) will be felt in the future. This is the law of consequence.


[1] Robert J. Mathews – Speech delivered at the National Alliance, 1984. [emph. mine]

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