Poetics Of The Day

Deepest Forest Green

Did we from Life retire,

Only to relight that living fire?

And did in deepest forest green,

Roam and run; were we lovers keen?

You seem to feel a draw of Time,

Upon your silken brow, upon your body kind.

Was it something in the air that told you,

Or are you uncertain only, of this days hold

On you?

Does wishing make it so…

Or is it something you know,

This feeling of Eternity?

And are you wishing it was mine,

Those hands that upon you feel?

Or have you touched your center;

Was it me…In deepest forest green?

Was it hand in hand, when life began,

When Life anew did bloom, in the warmth

Of deepest forest green…and we began to sing?


Frank L. DeSilva

[From Poems for The Folk]

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