The Coming Imperium: Europa

Video of The Day: Norman Lowell

Imperium Europa

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2 Responses to The Coming Imperium: Europa

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for this wonderful site.

    It is through this site that I purchased the book’ Rrise of the West’ offered here.

    I have read half of it, and I am fighting my husband for the rights to finish it – a wonderful work (my husband is a psychology major) for the both of us. It was my husband who told me about Mr. Lowell’s book, and we read that together. It was harder to understand, and that must be because I am not a present-day European, and have a hard enough time understanding our American issues.

    My husband and I want to know more about Mr. DeSilva, and plan to get the Foundations of the 21st century. That one sounds interesting, as I have never heard of ‘white nationalism’ before.

    Is it true that this man coined the term ‘white nationalism’?

    Many thanks for this site, and some of the Links were just as good.


    • Thanks so much, for stopping by, Mary.

      This is a group effort, and a long time in coming. We hope that you will enjoy this site for some time to come.

      The book, Rise of The West was his first work, with several more to follow. This man was a revolutionary, philosopher, and activist in the struggle for our Western folk-community here, in America. His struggle, just as ours, seeks not only a future for white children here, but in our Homelands across the globe.

      He was a member of the Bruder Schweigen, a comrade of David Lane and Robert J. Mathews, a more or less commonly known history within the White Nationalist movement – not the conservative or right-wing elements, but a new set of ideals and goals. These goals and ideas may be found in following the books listed on the front page, authored by Mr. DeSilva, as well as those works offered, on occasion, on this site.

      For those of you who are just now beginning to seek in earnest, might I, and all of here, suggest strongly, to read all three of his works offered here, in sequence, as this will give a broad o ver-view of the tenets of what our struggle is all about. You will be exposed to many good writers, some are even brilliant, but the experience that this man brings to the table is not matched by but a few.

      As to your question regarding the term ‘white nationalism’ yes, Mr. DeSilva coined this term in the early part of 1983, just prior to his later activities as a more revolutionary activist.

      Enjoy your Stay at Rise of The West.

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