The Immortals: Germany Rising

The movement, around the World, toward tradition and authority is moving steadily and ineluctably towards a consumation which, after the innitial shock, will leave the doors wide open (albeit violent in its spectre), this will become commonplace; it remains to be seen if those here, in america, will have what it takes.

In the meantime, here is a glimpse into our future: German Nationalists Hit The Streets In Protest

The Immortals

A German neo-Nazi group is using modern  technology to organise and showcase terrifying protests that have a chilling  resemblance to the fascist torch rallies of the 1930s.

In one, hundreds of black-clad figures with  white masks converged without warning on the streets of Bauzen, Germany,  carrying torches and placards with extreme nationalist slogans.

The march, which took place on May 1, was  disturbingly similar to the days of The Third Reich which saw the Nazi SA hold  night rallies to honour Hitler.


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