Free Speech: 20th Century vs. 21st Century

The Battle for supremacy in word, as well as political ascendency, is clearly a historical truth.

Since the 60’s, the mobilization of the disparate elements of what can only be termed mobocracy, has taken the field in a burst of frenzied propaganda and social modification; of the latter, it can also be said that the political momentum has followed the aforesaid social modification.

In the State of California, whatever may be said of this unique territory, is that of the ever-present aristocracy of the mobocracy, that is to say, the political ‘fellow travelers’ from the 60’s, now multiplied by ten. It has been said that ‘where California leads, the nation follows’, and there is much in this thought.

The struggle for ‘free speech’ is now, and has always been, the guarded manipulation of cohorts of discernible minority groups – this may include political, philosophical, or racial make-ups – and is known, today, as that glorious democracy we all think we know.




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