Ingrid Carlqvist and the Morality of ethnic nationalism

Dr. Kevin MacDonald has been a vigorous, as well as tireless, proponent of White ethno-nationalism.

An article, in which he discusses the viability of establishing ‘moral communities’, and how this has been used against the West is very telling:

It’s interesting that all the utopias promised by the various intellectual and political movements discussed in The Culture of Critique involved moral indictments of the West, thus in effect attempting (and succeeding) to create moral communities. In the end, these moral communities created disastrous nightmares, but much of their power derived from their ability to create moral communities.

For example, the Freudian sexual utopia that became mainstream in the 1960s promised to rid the world of neurosis and the evils of anti-Semitism, but ultimately encouraged callousness in sexual relationships, the de-emphasis on love and affection, and resulted in declines in all of the markers of family stability and functioning (e.g., dramatic increases in teenage unwed mothers). The Political radicalism that promised to rid the world of class divisions resulted in the deaths of tens of millions in the USSR and elsewhere. And now we have the multicultural utopia that has promised that all peoples and cultures will live in peace and harmony together (within Western and only Western societies).

The coming reinsertion of radical traditionalism within our daily political life, as well as our social and civic obligations, is a matter of time only.


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