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Kevin MacDonald: On The Death of The West

Video of The Day Professor Kevin MacDonald – On the End of the Western Folk-Culture (The Death of The White Race) Advertisements

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Attack The System: Keith Preston

Attack the System with Keith Preston Counter-Currents Radio Counter Currents seems to be making a permanent move into Radio and, so far, it is looking good.

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Destruction Of An Empire?

America’s Last Crusade by Patrick J. Buchanan Taki For Americans of the Greatest Generation that fought World War II and of the Silent Generation that came of age in the 1950s, the great moral and ideological cause was the Cold … Continue reading

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Express Thyself: New Age Of Body-Art

Body Art: The New Retro A Unique Western Form It is interesting to note that few elements of ‘individualism’ seems to be instructive and positive in the setting of our extended folk-community; this concept and actual reality, is buttressed by … Continue reading

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Whose Rights?

What’s Wrong About Rights From Takimag by Nicholas Farrell One of the reasons the West is in such deep trouble is that it has allowed “rights” to kill off what’s “right,” as in “that which is right.”

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Painting Of The Day: Adolf Wissel

Painting of The Day

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Originally posted on The medieval Turin Shroud:
Directly or indirectly, Fallen Leaves [Note of 2018: the former title of this site] has dealt with child abuse as a subject. But I am about to embark on a project that extensively…

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Progress Report

In the last 30 days, here is the breakdown for rankings for Countries and Views – Thanks for coming by:

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Escape Into Realism: Wolfgang Willrich

Painting of The Day Wolfgang Willrich

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Eros And Intellectualism: The End Result

Eros and Intellectualism: It is more than interesting to note in passing, that as the premise and desire of having a specific location, national state, and all the considerations imbued with a progressive feeling of sovereignty there comes, as well, … Continue reading

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