Types Of Men

The Average Man: Part 1

Since the study of revolutionary momentum is not constrained by conservative values yet, ironically, is comprised of the same proto-plasm, the same organic structure, the same essence, how then do we know each other, each to his chosen, or predetermined role in a rising West? If we are to become ennobled, to become higher-men, with our first imperative to be the reintroduction of tradition and authority with the sole priority of securing an existence for our people and a future for white children then, one should ask: Who and what types of men are we to look for; who or what types of men, are we to trust?

The White Nationalist milieu is often urged against his opposition (i.e. socialists, so-called), as ‘they’ are so much more materialistic than ‘we’ (nationalists), when it comes to the conception of history; that they overlook certain spiritual qualities that are independent of ‘wages’, ‘labour’, and the inertia to maintain a working-class routine – so goes the typical conservative mantra.

The white nationalist, on the other hand, does not see his ‘brother’ as an economic unit, as a unit of intrinsic labour, harnessed by the State. The conservatives of today, instead of looking at the ‘average man’ as more than simply a machine (such is the value placed upon men by either the Right or the Left), nevertheless, cannot see him as organism – a larger part of a whole – and yet as a man as well. To negate the socialistic mantra (otherwise known as the ‘left’), the conservative uses examples of the rights of men, or that the ‘average man’ is innately spiritual; they would cite: patriotism,pity, or a substantial esthetic sense and, perhaps, the desire to know God. While the white nationalist believes in his fellows, one can see on a daily basis, that the ‘average man’ abounds who has neither a sense of pity, or knows anything remotely patriotic and, most assuredlly, has no idea concerning God (after all – this is what institutions are there for)

A universal presence, if there truly is one within humanity, is that of pusillanimity, cowardice by another name; it is, of course, the foundation of all ‘caste systems. It serves to mark us as different from higher animals. It serves the democratic system wonderfully.

Traditionally, even as Julius Evola has commented, the ‘peasant’, rather than going to war, helped to create, in fact demanded, a Warrior Class, to protect him – thus was ‘civilization’ formed. The warrior was given status and privileges for his service to the ‘less capable’ – this was the beginning of authority.

Property rights stem from the same: Those who were willing to carve out more than basic needs, were rewarded with large areas of abundance and possessions (that these individuals retained them, is of the utmost importance) – the pusillanimous received only what they could. This has been the origins of tradition.

Thus, we see the average ‘type’ of man, as opposed to the higher-man.

More on these types as time goes on.

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