Thinkers Of A New West

Today, like no other time in the past, our level of communication and evolution is reaching a momentum only dreamed of a generation ago.

With this change in momentum, and the actual possibilities of a political change in our public discussions has there been that consistent, tried-and-true level of historical, philosophical, and more or less mundane presentations of our struggle by those who sit in the halls of our racial milieu?

The strange absence of intellectual White Nationalist thinkers in the philosophical presentations of the literary world, would tend to make one think that the only minds worth emulating are those seemingly distant and, to be sure, those with a world-view which is compatible by degrees, yet seems to lack that vision of a White Nationalist world-view: That all our racial folk-communities are one, unique, organism, thereby demanding a unified dialogue, and political action based, in part, on a world-wide conception, and not just regional.

It is healthy to see such a wide and disparate literary presentation, put on by newly created Publishers and internet Czars, yet the intelligentsia which must rise to meet a new West must, of necessity, be able to think of and create those methods necessary in establishing not only a progressive and functioning political outlook, but also in establishing a working political structure – and this may be achieved only if the ‘brain’ works with the ‘hands’. Moreover, this means that we will not succeed in our endeavors unless, and until, there is a comprehensive development of central ideas, passed on to a coordinated group of core believers in our white nationalist struggle which, in turn, will be passed on to our folk-communities by way of literature, broadcasts, and visual presentations.

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