Legs Gallery 147 – The Sam Bea Edition w/ The Ass Haulers

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Originally posted on Sad Man's Tongue Rockabilly Bar & Bistro – Prague:
by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Sam Bea We love finding new and exciting things, even if it just new for us. Found a great photographer from…

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Return of Kings is the worst website on the internet

Richard Follette:

A coming Change?

Originally posted on Min HaShomayim:

And I thought Stormfront was bad. At least they’re amusingly crazy.

Return of Kings (RoK) is one of the more impressively stupid neckbearded circle-jerk arenas I’ve come across while perusing the Manosphere. It’s difficult to do this site justice in explaining just how mindbogglingly troglodytic it and its regulars are. They are vehemently anti-feminist – which is fine, in and of itself – but they go about it in the girliest way imaginable, except that they dress it up in bad language (historically a dude’s-only-thing). A number of the posts are about “game” and “sexual market value” (SMV and yes, they actually have made this into an acronym) which amounts to them advocating sport-fucking (promiscuity) and reducing both men and women to (Greek) letters or numbers. I can’t tell if the entire website is a bunch of faux-conservative trolls (it isn’t) or if they really believe in this “red pill”…

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Foundations: A World European Congress?

Richard Follette:

Is this an idea whose time has come?

Originally posted on Foundations of The Twenty-First Century:

A World European Congress?

3,539 wordseurope-old-map-260x195

[Editor's Note: We found this article to be extremely valuable, concise, practical and timely.

Mr. Gordon has presented, in our opinion, a singularly exhaustive and realistic approach to the effects of social disintegration, social evolution, and social engineering, which has been practiced upon our people and culture.

We would like to add to this discussion, by way of presenting a similar view, as developed by an individual who, as may be known, has struggled in like fashion, to accomodate the same realism on behalf of the efforts of our Folk-community.

Here, then, are some helpful quotes::

The White Nationalist gets a good chuckle when opposition forces or simple ignorance champions the attack against ‘white nationalists’ as anti-internationalist. Nothing is further from the truth. The inter-nationalist character of White Nationalism is well documented, and has been a viable and healthy component of…

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Pin Up Girl Suzy Starliner Is Our Kind Of Calendar Girl

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Originally posted on Sad Man's Tongue Rockabilly Bar & Bistro – Prague:
by Sad Man’s Tongue, Model Suzy Starliner, Photography by Autumn Luciano of Decadence Dolls If Ford needs a little inspiration for a new model, perhaps they could…

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The deterioration of democracy

Originally posted on Dakrua Mouson:

“And now,” said I, “the fairest polity and the fairest man remain for us to describe, the tyranny and the tyrant.”
“Certainly,” he said.
“Come then, tell me, dear friend, how tyranny arises.   That it is an outgrowth of democracy is fairly plain.”
“Yes, plain.”
“Is it, then, in a sense, in the same way in which democracy arises out of oligarchy that tyranny arises from democracy?”
[ 562b ] “How is that?”
“The good that they proposed to themselves and that was the cause of the establishment of oligarchy—it was wealth, was it not?”
“Well, then, the insatiate lust for wealth and the neglect of everything else for the sake of money-making was the cause of its undoing.”
“True,” he said.
“And is not the avidity of democracy for that which is its definition and criterion of good the thing which dissolves it too?”
“What do you say…

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Please check out new website: In Gaza

Originally posted on Pragmatic Witness:

WW~Notes: Recommended to us from loyal reader and supporter, Edoms Thorn.  You can find the link under “Regarding Palestine” in the sidebar.

Eva Bartlett: Head first towards the opposition

The one, the only, Ms. Bartlett.

The one, the only, Ms. Bartlett.

Over black tea and a kaleidoscope-colored vegetarian buffet, Eva Bartlett recounts her stay thus far in the Gaza Strip, home to 1.5 million Palestinians, the “Green” ruling party of Hamas, and foreign journalists, doctors, and aid workers. Eva, a Canadian in her early thirties of average height and petite build, has been in Gaza since November 2008, arriving on a Free Gaza flotilla with seven other international activists. They had come to join the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). One month later Operation Cast Lead began and Eva’s missions of non-violent resistance took a sharp turn.

Eva, who was born in Michigan and raised mostly in Canada, told me her parents, educated and politically-progressive, instilled in…

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Communities grow weary of militarized police

Originally posted on Pragmatic Witness:


New city police armored vehicle

As numerous law enforcement agencies across the United States begin enrolling large armored vehicles into the force, pockets of resistance are forming among some communities concerned with the trend.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the federal government has been granting armored vehicles like BearCats to cities and towns since the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. Additionally, about 200 vehicles designed to survive landmines and other explosions have also been distributed across the country, with another 750 requests pending.

While some communities have welcomed such acquisitions amid increased concern over mass shootings, others have balked at the idea. As RT reported last year, residents in Salinas, California, flooded the Facebook page of their local police department after it obtained a heavily armored vehicle capable of withstanding rifle fire and minefield explosions.

“That vehicle is made for war,” mentioned one commenter at…

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Pin Up Girl Frankii Wilde: There is NO Comparison

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Swede Patrols Ukraine’s Streets with Right-Wing Paramilitaries

Swede Patrols Ukraine’s Streets with Right-Wing Paramilitaries

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Three weeks ago Mikael Skillt worked for a construction company in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Trade Unions Building in Kiev. Opposition snipers fired at the police from the third floor of the building, according to a Swedish volunteer in a Ukrainian paramilitary unit.

The Trade Unions Building in Kiev. Opposition snipers fired at the police from the third floor of the building, according to a Swedish volunteer in a Ukrainian paramilitary unit.

Today, he is a volunteer in a nationalist organization in Kiev. In an interview with Fria Tider, Skillt tells the story of a Ukraine where the role of the police has been assumed by paramilitary Right-wing groups.

At the end of February, mere days after Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, was overthrown, Mikael Skillt boarded a plane bound for Kiev. He left behind a relationship that had just ended, a terrace house in a Stockholm suburb and a well-paid job as a planner at a construction company.

The purpose of his trip was to volunteer for one of the nationalist organizations which, as a result of their central role in the Ukrainian revolution, have gone from being relatively marginal to controlling the streets of Kiev.

It was not an easy decision to make, Skillt said when Fria Tider spoke to him over Skype. His former employer, also a personal friend, was not happy when Skillt suddenly quit his job to go to Ukraine. Skillt said he went anyway because of a sense of solidarity with the Ukrainian nationalists. “Nationalists have died on the streets of Kiev,” he recounted. “And I was able to help them. That is more important than my personal well-being.”

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The Crimea Annexation: Who’s Side?

The Crimea Annexation:
Putin Profits from Stalin’s Crimes

1,307 words

[Editors Note: 
The Article posted below is, assurredly, a strong and personal view of the developments in the Ukraine. There are, seeminly, many disparate and compelling statements - some running counter-intuitive to the reasoning and world-view of American White Nationalists - as well as many in Europe.
Expressions of intent and information are always welcomed by reasonable people, when dealing with the individual and collective racial imperatives of our Euro-Folk.
With that said, the most telling aspects of this article was not the 'meat and potatoes', as it were, but the various 'comments', which have followed on the heels of the original article.
After the article, one is encouraged to read those comments, which brought a certain articulate and comprehensive (if not also brief) understanding of the issues, and more reasonably in line with traditional and the evolving White Nationalist (and Intra-natationalist) world view.
~ The Staff ~]

Times are changing fast. The political and social climate in the West is proving to bestalin_putin-204x300 auspicious for White Nationalists to come to power in the future. Indeed, this may happen sooner than we think. It has therefore to be insured that once White Nationalists come to power they espouse the world-view conducive to making decisions in the best interests of the white race.

However, observing how European nationalists naively pay homage to Vladimir Putin and fawn over Russia, one cannot help but wonder if the White Nationalist movement would really serve white interests if it ascended to power in its current form and if the hypothetical victory of European nationalist parties would actually be good for white Europeans.

There is, indeed, a lot to be corrected and reshaped in the current White Nationalist worldview before it becomes a coherent thought system not only ready to take power but more importantly to use that power to bring salvation to the white race. It seems that a crucial aspect of this reshaping process will have to be dispelling the illusions harbored by many White Nationalists about Russia and, in particular, about the intentions of its leader, Vladimir Putin.

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