Rise Of The West: SDU: Salute to the European Youth


Salute to the European Youth

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Rise of The West ~

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White Nationalism: The Expression of the Political and Racial Soul

The Expression of the Political and Racial Soulspiritual combat

by Frank L. DeSilva

Word Count: 3,936

The various manifestations of any traditional or revolutionary concept, idea, or methodology is largely due to national circumstance: popular [racial] identity, reactionary elements, visionary elements, financial depression and cultural insolvency.

In every epilogue of human events there exists, in stark relief, the metamorphosis of a People, or Folk-community. Regardless of any significant or insignificant attempt, or contribution too, any particular form of government, no matter the construct or principle, it is the people, the race-culture, which either is enslaved or liberated. Ironically, in terms of the former, slavery, to some, is ordered and constructive consumerism, which demands a certain consistency in social arrangements; to others, the lack of individualism, of sovereignty, marks the slave from the freeman. This balance has for millennia, swung from one extreme to the other.

This balancing act today, just as in yesteryear, is precarious one.

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Money Talks: “No Nation for Whites”

Money Talks:
“No Nation for Whites”

2,967 words

Billionaire oligarch Sheldon Adelson wants open borders for America, secure borders for Israel.

Billionaire conglomerator and former hedge fund manager Warren Buffett, owner and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, recently joined fellow billionaires Sheldon Adelson (Las Vegas Sands Corp.) and Microsoft founder William H. “Bill” Gates III to publish a joint editorial in America’s most influential newspaper, the New York Times (“Break the Immigration Impasse,” July 10, 2014), lecturing recalcitrant Congressional Republicans that it is time to join the Left in acceleratingreplacement migration (“immigration reform”), the globalist project to replace dwindling white populations with colored and Jewish populations. Replacement migration is a leading cause of the passing of the great race.

The Huffington Post, a large, popular representative anti-white website of the ruling class, headlined its approval “Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates Chastise House GOP on Immigration.”

This partisan interpretation was confirmed by House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.) on his official US government blog: “If House Republicans thought that no one would notice that they’ve failed to bring immigration reform to the Floor for a vote, they can think again. In response to Republican inaction, Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates came together to send them a message.”

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Everything We Have Been Taught About Our Origins Is A Lie

Originally posted on Pragmatic Witness:


A half billion year old hammer embedded in rock that formed 400 million years ago.

A half billion year old hammer embedded in rock that formed 400 million years ago.

In June 1936 Max Hahn and his wife Emma were on a walk beside a waterfall near to London, Texas, when they noticed a rock with wood protruding from its core. They decided to take the oddity home and later cracked it open with a hammer and a chisel. What they found within shocked the archaeological and scientific community. Embedded in the rock was what appeared to be some type of ancient man made hammer.

A team of archaeologists analysed and dated it. The rock encasing the hammer was dated to more than 400 million years old. The hammer itself turned out to be more than 500 million years old. Additionally, a section of the wooden handle had begun the metamorphosis into coal.  The hammer’s head, made of more than 96% iron, is far…

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Spiraculum Mortis

Richard Follette:

The 14 Word Motto was, in the beginning, a WARNING against the suicide of the Western man and woman, when it came to infanticide and race-mixing.

Liberal politics, since even before WWII, has encouraged this mortal, and diabolical agenda.

Originally posted on Operation Werwolf:


A third of all pregnancies in Europe end in termination according to a research article published by Guttmacher Institute. That means almost 2 000 000 abortions each year. And that’s just the officially reported ones, carried out via public health-care institutions. Private clinics rarely bother to keep track and endanger their clients’ privacy. Also, less than 70% of European countries permit abortion and usually require a legitimate reason for performing one. The illegal abortions are not included in this total. Therefore, it is estimated that up to a further 1 500 000 may slip past the official statistics, based on separate reports from different countries. The aborted babies are then used for vaccine production (vaccines themselves had long been declared as a fraud, doing your kid more bad than good, by independent scientists such as Dr. Suzanne Humphries and more than 150 others).

The establishment and the media…

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Hey #NiceGentrifier – Hipsters Get Off On Your Tears

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Science finds that liberals and conservatives disagree about politics in part because they are different people at the level of personality, psychology, and even traits like physiology and genetics

Richard Follette:


Originally posted on Mindweapons in Ragnarok:

Conservatives and liberals are different at the biological level

Don’t get defensive about this. It shows that we right wingers are better at perceiving and heading off threats, while liberals are like bonobos — hedonists just looking for their next orgasm, their next fancy meal. I have noticed that liberals are experts on local restaurants.

Indeed, conservatives tend to have a high degree of happiness and life satisfaction. But Hibbing and colleagues find no contradiction here. Instead, they paraphrase two other scholarly commentators (Matt Motyl of the University of Virginia and Ravi Iyer of the University of Southern California), who note that “successfully monitoring and attending negative features of the environment, as conservatives tend to do, may be just the sort of tractable task…that is more likely to lead to a fulfilling and happy life than is a constant search for new experience after new experience.”

Attending negative features of…

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REPOST: Vladimir Putin exposes the NWO Part 1, 2, 3, 4. . . worth every single minute of your time. . . ~J

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

Posted onbyJean

I have just been able to watch this through, and it was worth it to see some of the faces of the people in the audience, most notably Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton (I think), and best of all Senator Joseph Lieberman. (I’d like to send them each a case of toilet paper!) Putin told the whole world what has been going on, and I doubt he would have said anything if they didn’t have the situation well under control.

Because the American people are so poorly informed, I can see how as so many might watch this video and not know what to think. They have been taught over and over again to fear the Russians, to fear Putin, to fear just about everything. I can also see, for instance, how a video like this could be edited and become very misleading, and…

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Croatian MEP Joins Urge For Stepping-Up Dealing With Communist Crimes

Originally posted on Croatia, the War, and the Future:


With the new European Union Parliament on the way since elections in May 2014 and the election last week of Jean-Claude Juncker as the European Commission President there is a movement that caught my attention from the European Peoples’ Party (EPP) to make stronger steps forward regarding doing something about communist crimes rather than just sitting inanimately on the EU 2009 declaration which condemned totalitarian regimes.

It is well established that the European Parliament emphasises the need to keep alive – through remembrances etc. – memories of Europe’s tragic and horrendous past in order to keep paying respect to the victims, condemn those who perpetrated the crimes and to thus build foundations for reconciliation, which foundations are to be based on truth and remembrance. It also holds that Nazism was the dominant historical experience in Western Europe while Central and Eastern Europe had experienced both Nazism and Communism to equally…

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Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block

Originally posted on WebInvestigatorKK:

(David Sleight/ProPublica)

Update: After this article was published, YouPorn contacted us to say it had removed AddThis technology from its website, saying that the website was “completely unaware that AddThis contained a tracking software that had the potential to jeopardize the privacy of our users.” A spokeswoman for the German digital marketer Ligatus also said that is no longer running its test of canvas fingerprinting, and that it has no plans to use it in the future.

This story was co-published with Mashable.

by Julia Angwin

A new kind of tracking tool, canvas fingerprinting, is being used to follow visitors to thousands of top websites, from WhiteHouse.gov to YouPorn.

First documented in a forthcoming paper by researchers at Princeton University and KU Leuven University in Belgium, this type of tracking, called canvas fingerprinting, works by instructing the visitor’s Web browser to draw a hidden image. Because each computer draws the…

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Celebrity tweets rip Israel to shreds

Richard Follette:

Courage is, as Courage does.

Originally posted on WebInvestigatorKK:

By Kevin Barrett

A growing list of celebrities are tweeting their displeasure with the genocidal Israeli assault on Gaza.

Oddly, some have felt the need to apologize afterward.

When pop singer Rihanna tweeted “#Free Palestine” and faced a Zionist backlash, she quickly removed the tweet and kissed up to the war criminals. (Ironically, her new album is called “Unapologetic.”)

NBA star Dwight Howard also tweeted #Free Palestine, then deleted the post, and said “Previous tweet was a mistake. I have never commented on international politics and never will.”


When Jon Stewart expressed sympathy for the people of Gaza, and said “we have to talk about Israel,” he was shouted down by Zionists – and quickly backed down, reassuring the pro-genocide crowd that he was not pro-Hamas.


Even the late, great Helen Thomas, who famously said the genocidal Jewish invaders should “get the hell out of Palestine,” subsequently…

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Originally posted on WebInvestigatorKK:


… by Ingrid R. Zundel

The letter below, written by a Norwegian physician volunteer working in Gaza, needs no introduction – the heading I gave it says it all! A lifetime ago, I was a child who experienced first-hand the kind of carnage the Gaza civilians experience even as I write this. To call it “inhuman” does not do it justice. It is, in my opinion, satanic.

Please circulate this letter widely. It needs to go viral on the Net.

zzz 354

The last night was extreme. The “ground invasion” of Gaza resulted in scores and carloads with maimed, torn apart, bleeding, shivering, dying – all sorts of injured Palestinians, all ages, all civilians, all innocent.

The heroes in the ambulances and in all of Gaza’s hospitals are working 12-24 hour shifts, grey from fatigue and inhuman workloads (without payment all in Shifa for the last 4 months), they care, triage, try…

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