Rise Of The West: SDU: Salute to the European Youth


Salute to the European Youth

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Rise of The West ~

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The Warrior And The Priest: Initiation

Metaphysics and Initiation_62561547_laliquevase

by Frank L. DeSilva

Most people, given a sedentary lifestyle, peace, accumulation of wealth, and the various studies of higher learning, will become, with time, used to such comfort, in extremis, thereby becoming sheep, corralled easily, and sheared when needed; a circumstance not very independent, or likely to achieve any lasting character which would make them stand out for emulation. We would generally call this ‘group’ cowardly indeed. In this context, as with all governments, democracy seeks that political control over its social order with which it need to lead. When this happens, the mass is afforded that much sought after panacea of democracy: each man is the same as his fellows, with no distinction made between the two; no distinction based upon ‘breed’, or ‘intellectual achievement’, or any other consideration.Y  The ‘aristocracy’ of the Modern reigns supreme.

The history of ‘aristocracy’, proper, is quite different. We in the West, specifically of this northern continent, do not like any form of aristocracy – after all, was not our very birth delivered ‘caesarian’ from this very Mother? It nevertheless holds true, that for thousands of years, specifically, it has been this type of ruling body, either through some form of heredity or selection [i.e. election], which has lasted for the longest periods. Think of Venice, for instance – a thousand years – and of Egypt – three thousand!

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In Defiance of Augury

Richard Follette:

Although this site does not expressly promote religious discussion, our coverage of Fatima and the Resistance, has proved to have struck a nerve; we will be paying close attention to the material presented here, and will reblogg as the time permits.

Originally posted on Cambria Will Not Yield:

Gilbert_Alas_Poor_YorickThe utopian liberal (a redundancy, because all liberals are utopians) builds his castle with the bricks and mortar of unreality. He lives in mortal fear of losing even one brick from his castle of unreality, so he employs masons to keep the castle strong and guards to protect the masons. And the keystone of the liberals’ castle of unreality is the sacred negro. If that brick is removed, the whole castle will come tumbling down…

A liberal kills all the divine longings in his heart so he can propound the abstract principles of his utopian brain. And with the circular logic of the madman, he always comes back to his own mind as the only reality. He will always find the imperfections of the King he hates and the culture he hates, because there is no perfect King and no perfect culture. But why does the liberal focus on the…

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Who Shall Restore Europe?

Richard Follette:


Originally posted on Cambria Will Not Yield:

Caerlaverock_CAstle“Under favour, most learned and honoured sir,” said the Dominie, “I trust He who hath restored little Harry Bertram to his friends, will not leave his own work imperfect.”

-Walter Scott in Guy Mannering


The avalanche of criticism that Ann Coulter received from the “conservatives” over her Dr. Brantly article was quite revealing. Conservative publications such as National Review and conservative organizations such as ISI have certainly taken a dive into liberal waters. The essential liberalism of the National Review magazine and the ISI organization was implicit from their inceptions, but their anti-communist rhetoric hid their innate liberalism and tended to make them seem more conservative than their pro-communist liberal cousins. But once the communist issue disappeared, the liberalism of the American conservatives became apparent. Abortion was a “debatable issue,” colored immigration was unopposed and often lauded, and the ongoing attack on the European people under the guise…

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The Rotherham Outrage

Richard Follette:


Originally posted on The White Tea Room:

I have been stewing over the Rotherham mass rape and abuse story for about a week now. It’s hitting me like Lee Rigby’s murder hit me.

In my marrow. On a cellular level

I’m really, really furious.

Vicious, evil racial aliens were invited into England, by the Jewish Ruling class, and Pakistani males have been allowed to rape, abuse, terrorize, and murder little White girls. For decades. With the appallingly craven consent of the so-called English Goyim authorities.


I want blood.

I’m not English. I’m an American. My genetics, however, came from the British Isles.

I feel what’s happened to my Kin in my molecules.

This is just a quick post – I will more this on this – but their must be Retribution.

This is what the Jews brought in.

rightful name asian does not mean asian it means pakistani middle ...

This Jew

“There are too many White Christian faces in power, in England”

wants to replace this

British family is shrinking as 60 per cent of parents say we can't ...

with this:

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Richard Follette:

Poetics of The Day:

Originally posted on Poison and Ambrosia:



I carved a heart out of my darkness,

Branded your name with burning fervor,

Each letter black, symmetrical, and inimitable

Noir on noir, invisible to all.


Raging and curious, you tossed it

On a pile of burning embers,

It shriveled but remained

Dark and obscure–an enigma.


It died along with the embers,

Turned to dust and ashes, indistinguishable;

The secret and the answer were lost forevermore

Ashes were all that was left of me.

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“Atlanta cop” (Muslim) kidnaps woman, shoot her and lit her on fire

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:

The U.S. media is doing nobody any favors by hiding the fact that this killer is a Muslim, from a culture of extreme racist ideology and misogyny. Why would any sensible person hire these indoctrinated people into the police force?? Hiding the volume of crimes committed by Muslims is simply abuse of the public’s right to know. He only managed to work within the police force for three years before his criminal nature came to light in such a tragic way to an innocent woman.

Tahreem or Tehreem is the name of a chapter in the Quran and means “prohibition”, “prevention”, something that’s haram (forbidden).



Atlanta police officer killed woman, lit her on fire after ‘romantic encounter’: cops

Tahreem Zeus Rana, 23, was caught Thursday morning trying to board a flight to Mexico, possibly en route to India. The three-year police veteran met Vernicia Woodard, 26, online…

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Mexican President Invites More Illegals To U.S.

Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:

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American Who Died Fighting For ISIS Showed Hate For White People And Gays

Richard Follette:

Go figure.

Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:



The Twitter account of Douglas McAuthur McCain, the American who was killed last week in Syria while fighting for the terrorist group ISIS, provides a glimpse of the hatred which likely motivated the 33-year-old to join forces with the terrorist organization.

McCain’s posts to the social media site, which began in late 2012 and ended this month, show a man with very little going for him besides hate and Islam.

After watching the 2011 movie “The Help,” which followed a group of black maids working in the South in the 1960s, McCain, who was black, decided that he disliked white people.

McCain, a high school dropout who had had run-ins with the law, was also intolerant of gays.

McCain’s Twitter feed shows that he went offline in early 2013. When he resumed using the site in May, his messages were focused more on Islam. In his first tweet back after…

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Borg: We won’t close the door on refugees/Sweden

Elections 2014

Borg: We won't close the door on refugees

Anders Borg gets ready to meet the press in Harpsund. Claudio Bresciani/TT

Borg: We won’t close the door on refugees


Borg was presenting the government’s assessment of the country’s economic health in a meeting in Harpsund ahead of next month’s election. He predicted that the number of migrants arriving into Sweden will increase over the coming months.

“We can’t rule out that there will be 2,500 – 3,000 people a week at the start of September,” he said in a press statement.

Borg added; “That involves costs but there is no reason not to stand up for the common consensus that we have in the asylum policy and that in time it will give a considerable gain for Sweden.”

The ministry of finance has anticipated that the costs of integrating refugees into Sweden will likely run into billions of kronor. An annual bill is expected to reach 12 billion kronor ($1.7 bn) a year by 2017 with Borg stating that restricting the number of refugees is not on the agenda.

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Islam vs. the West: Will Sweden Survive the Coming Multicultural Conflict?

Björn Norström – Hour 1

Islam vs. the West: Will Sweden Survive the Coming Multicultural Conflict?

Red Ice Creations

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Interview With Raymond B. Cattell

Interview With Raymond B. Cattell

3,413 words

Editor’s Note:Raymond_Cattell-219x300

The following interview with Raymond Cattell (1905–1998) was originally published in The Eugenics Bulletin, Spring–Summer 1984.

Raymond B. Cattell obtained his Ph.D. and D.Sc. at London University, where he worked with Charles Spearman developing the theory of intelligence measurement. He has since taught at Harvard and has been for 30 years Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Illinois.

His research publications cover 80 books and over 400 articles. His book, New Morality From Science: Beyondism (Pergamon Press, 1973) contains interesting ideas about eugenics. His latest book, The Inheritance of Personality and Ability, has been hailed for its methodological breakthroughs. The following interview was conducted by Marian Van Court on May 31, 1984. (A list of questions was mailed to Professor Cattell in Hawaii, and he sent back an audio cassette to Austin, Tx., with his answers, where they were transcribed.)

Do you know of any studies comparing personality traits of environmentalists and hereditarians?

I don’t know of any reliable study on that question. But I can tell you my hunch, that Factor I, which we call “premzia,” is likely to be related, since it contrasts wishful thinking with down-to-earth realism. One would expect hereditarians to be more realistic, and therefore lower on Factor I. And they are also probably higher on Factor C, ego strength.

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